Exterior House Cleaning: Windows, Cobwebs and Mats

Squeegee cleaning a window with soap

No matter how squeaky clean you get the inside of your windows, a clear view requires work on the outside as well. Tackle this chore as well as the necessary clearing of cobwebs and sweeping of mats using these helpful tips.

Exterior Window Cleaning

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You use the same supplies and methods for exterior windows as you do for interior panes. We previously published a complete list of window cleaning supplies, in case you don’t have all your supplies already set. One additional note: Have multiple fine steel wool and multiple nylon scrubbing pads handy, as there will be more dirt and other gunk to remove from the outside panes, especially if you have a bird-friendly property and/or live in an area of the country that sees regular dust storms.

Plan this task for first thing in the morning, during a cooler time of day. Not only is it a more comfortable time to work, but the work itself also proves less of a challenge. Higher temps mean you must work more quickly to keep the cleaning solution from drying on the windows before you can rinse, thus creating streaks. For more tips on efficient window cleaning, check out our guide on window cleaning techniques and will help you clean like a pro.

Cleaning Cobwebs Outside

Consider this work part of the prep work for cleaning your windows, as you don’t want to rain cobwebs and dead insects down on the freshly washed glass. The only supplies you need are the ladder already out of the garage and an exterior duster with extension pole.

Work your way around the house, clearing second-story windows before those on the first floor. Climb the latter each time, even if you can reach the tops of windows with the extension. You want to ensure there are no nests in the corners before you poke one and invite the wrath of stinging creatures.

Techniques for Cleaning a Variety of Outdoor Mats


Perform this task after clearing cobwebs but before washing windows, especially if you plan to use a leaf blower that could dirty the glass. Start by pulling all of the exterior mats and placing them in a central location. If you have an outdoor area rug on the patio, grab it as well. Then sweep or blow all porches, entryways, patios and walkways. You also may need to follow with water hose and a high-pressure nozzle to clear away any gunk.

Use that same water hose and nozzle to clean both sides of any rubber mats, propping them against a tree or the house to drip dry. A cleaning solution of mild dish soap and water helps with any hard-to-remove debris. Natural fiber mats should be shaken and beat. You can even flip the switch on your blower to suck up any remaining debris. Only rinse if the manufacturer’s instructions allow.

How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

These tips are those that professional cleaners use daily. They have been put to the test by professionals and left many a homeowner happy. In general, using simple pro tricks gives you a better clean but also in a fraction of the time. Here are a few more:

Always work from top to bottom. For example, when cleaning the kitchen, dust the tops of appliances and cabinets before cleaning countertops and floors.

Vacuum and mop moving backwards from the far end of the room to the exit door. This keeps you from leaving footprints on freshly cleaned floors.

Clean the dirtiest rooms in your house first. Eventually, you will lose steam or run out of time. Tackling the rooms that need the most work first ensures you get the most out of your cleaning time.

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