How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

Woman holding bucket full of house cleaning supplies

With back-to-school coming up, we know life gets busy while the house gets messy. Here’s a compilation of our most popular, most used, and most effective cleaning tips for our loyal readers for the days when you don’t have Molly Maid.

cleaning supplies on kitchen counter

Clean in a pattern: Left to right, top to bottom is the Molly Maid way. Cleaning in a precise, methodical way makes sure you never miss a spot!

Always dust first, vacuum last (except in the bathroom!): In rooms other than the bathroom, dusting first and vacuuming last makes sure you round up all the settled dust. The dust particles in the air after dusting can also irritate allergies. Vacuuming after dusting keeps the risk for allergies to a minimum. (For more tips on allergy prevention, click here). In the bathroom, vacuuming or sweeping first avoids a sticky, dirty, mess when gravity pulls your cleaning product to the floor.

Keep, donate, trash: When you’re feeling courageous and ready to tackle an organizational project, make three piles — keep, donate, and trash. This process helps you make a conscious decision about which items in your home are absolutely necessary to keep.

Use a microfiber cloth: Microfiber cloths are one of Molly Maid’s favorite cleaning tools because of their efficiency in collecting dust. A damp microfiber cloth almost never leaves lint or dust behind like many other dusting cloths.

One room at a time: We know first hand that cleaning the whole house can be a daunting task. Tackle one room at a time, giving yourself a quick break after each accomplished task. This will break down a large undertaking into small, achievable goals.

Apply cleaner to all surfaces first: Applying antibacterial cleaner to all your surfaces at once ensures your cleaning process is sanitary and requires less elbow grease. Most people do not know that cleaning products take at least 30 seconds to kill bacteria completely. Not only will your kitchen and bathroom surfaces be bacteria free, but letting chemical products sit on problem areas for a couple minutes will start to break down the grime before you get to it!

Set a timer: Setting a timer for 20- or 30-minute increments gives you an attainable goal. After each work session, give yourself a five minute break to relax.

This fall, don’t let the busy back-to-school time get the best of your home. Learn from the professionals and keep your house dirt-free, germ-free, and clutter-free with these proven tricks of the trade.

For your home cleaning needs, contact the professionals at Molly Maid. Each maid services team comprises insured, licensed and uniformed housekeepers who are regularly supervised. Click here to request service in your area.