The Ultimate Cleaning Products List for Every Room in Your House

House cleaning products in a wood table

Do you need to restock your cabinet of cleaning supplies? Perhaps you have a son or daughter moving into their first apartment and they need some supplies? Or maybe you just need some ideas. Either way, this ultimate list of cleaning products includes everything you need to keep all of the rooms in a home are sparkling clean.

cleaning supplies


The kitchen requires more cleaning products than any other, as you face a variety of messes: from tracked-in mud on the floor to grease stains on the backsplash. Pick up these items:

All-purpose cleaner— You need a product like Mr. Clean cuts grease and remove grime from just about any surface. It also can tackle tough jobs such as the inside of your garbage can. The line of Mr. Clean products comes in a variety of scents, allowing you to choose your favorite one. Antibacterial products also are available.

Glass cleanerWindex and the like will make windows, whether on your oven or in the wall, sparkle. It also works on multiple surfaces, including sealed marble and granite countertops, and comes original and Fresh Rain scents.

To apply these products, choose eco-friendly terry cloth or microfiber that you can wash when done. The texture makes cleaning easier, and by spraying the product directly to the cloth as opposed to the glass surface will prevent waste — as people tend to use too much of the product when sprayed directly to the surface. Also pick up an extendible duster to reach the top of appliances and cabinets.


cleaning bathtub tile

In addition to the all-purpose cleaner for use on toilets, bathtubs and floors, and the glass cleaner for windows and mirrors, you’ll need the following products for the bathroom:

Tile and grout cleanerScrub Free and Scrubbing Bubbles are excellent acid-based cleaners that remove soap buildup in the bathtub, shower and sink. When cleaning grout, use a grout brush to really get in there.

Quick Tip: Vacuuming, yes vacuuming the bathroom floor before you start spraying cleaning products can help better pick-up hair and lint before you clean the floors, which should be the last thing you do in the bathroom.


Once you strip the bed and take linens to the laundry room, use these products as part of your cleaning process:

Water—Yes, believe it or not the best way to clean most wood furniture is with a water-dampened soft cloth. Simply wipe the furniture down, unfolding and refolding to keep the cleaning surface clear of dust. Furniture polish can sometimes attract dust! If you do use a wood polish, we recommend spraying the product directly on your soft cloth as opposed to directly on the wood. Again, this will avoid wasting the product.

Powdered carpet deodorizer—In a bedroom with carpet, shaking a product such as Glade Carpet & Room Deodorizer can eliminate many odors. Baking soda also gets the job done if you do not like any of the scents these powders come in, and it also works on mattresses in need of freshening.

Living Room

Glass cleaner, water-dampened cloths and powdered carpet deodorizer also get used in this room, along with:

Products such as Febreeze work well on upholstered furniture and on any pet beds in the room, allowing you to extend the amount of time between professional cleaning.

living room

Large lint roller—Pet owners who let their furry family members on the furniture swear by this tool, essentially a lint roller the size of a paint roller. Evercare makes one specifically for pet hair and makes quick cleaning of sofas and chairs.

Laundry Room

You will, of course, need products to launder your clothes in this room, but also keep the appliances themselves clean by picking up:

Washing machine cleanerTide and Clorox both make products that remove buildup from laundry detergent and any odors. Simply pour into the machine and run a load. A water-dampened cloth works to wipe down the dryer interior and the exterior of both appliances. And be sure to vacuum dryer vents, either yourself or by hiring a pro, at least once a year to avoid lint fires.

By keeping a home fully stocked with cleaning supplies, you are ready to tackle any mess at any time in the most efficient way possible. After all, no one likes to clean again because they ran out of the right product.

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