Family House Cleaning Schedule — A Weekly Schedule to Keep It Clean!

Father and daughter cleaning living room floor together

Utilizing a family house cleaning schedule can help make sure certain chores don’t fall through the cracks. For the days when Molly Maid doesn’t come to clean, those heavily trafficked areas of the home, like the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, and living room, still need to be cleaned, washed, and/or picked-up.

Our kid chore chart is a perfect start to outlining a family cleaning schedule — adults can use it, too! Just click here to download the PDF, and fill it out!

Not sure what to put down for daily/weekly chores? Some of the chores we recommend adding to your family house cleaning schedule include the following:

  • Loading/Unloading Dishwasher
  • Tidying Bedroom/Living Room
  • Taking Out the Trash
  • Starting/Folding Laundry
  • Feeding/Walking Pets

What are some chores you would need to add to your family house cleaning schedule? Tell us in the comments section below!