Linen Cabinet and Closet Organization Ideas

Neatly organized linen closet

The holiday season brings with it houseguests. To make them feel at home, create a space all their own. You can achieve this, in part, with a freshly made bed and room in the closet. These linen cabinet and closet organization ideas will help make that happen.

Get Organized!

An open bureau showing neatly folded sheets and a pillow

At least a week before your first guests arrive, pull everything from your linen closet. Set aside any items you no longer need to make room for those you do regularly use. Sheets, blankets, and other linens make excellent donations to an animal shelter, as they use the items to care for homeless cats and dogs in their care.

A good guideline for extra linens is:

  • Three sets of sheets per regularly used bed
  • Three sets of towels per resident
  • Two sets of sheets per guest bed
  • Two sets of towels per houseguest
  • This ensures that there are sets of towels and sheets at the ready at all times, allowing for a set to be in the laundry room

Store all items by type (sheets with sheets, towels with towels) and always place freshly washed linens on top and pull linens to be used from bottom. Put regularly used items at eye level, with those used less often higher and lower and at the back of shelves.

Finally, hang sachets in the closet to infuse linens with a soothing scent, such as lavender for a good night’s sleep for your guests.

Once your linen closet has been organized, move on to the closet in your guestroom. You likely use this storage space as overflow for other closets in the home. To ensure your guests do not feel as if they are putting you out, clear a space well toward the front of the closet ahead of time for their hanging items as well as their suitcase.

To make room, pulling everything out like you did with the linen closet allows you to do exactly that while also ridding your home of items you no longer use. Again, sort into donate and keep piles.

Assess the items left and make a list of closet organization tools needed to hide them from view, thus creating a clutter-free space that won’t have your guests feeling as if an item might fall on their head. Bins, baskets and the like with labels on the end achieve this result while also making it easy for you to identify what you need to pull from the closet.

Purchase a Standalone Closet

If closet space is limited in your home, with little room for guest items, consider purchasing a standalone closet. Such a unit, whether placed in the guest room or guest bath, can be set aside for their use only and include items they may need during their stay, such as extra blankets, toiletries, and a robe and slippers. And using one allows you to continue procrastinating when it comes to organizing other closets in the home.

Rewash Linens Ahead of Time

If you have houseguests staying throughout the holiday season, plan prep for the guestroom at least a few days prior to their arrival so that linens will be freshly washed but not so much so that you’re making the bed as your guests pull into the driveway. Simply spritz with linen spray to achieve a freshly washed effect if prepping more than a week in advance.

The holiday season serves as a time for friends and family to gather. Granted, it also can be stressful, especially if you are a host, but these tips will help keep you on track and allow you to enjoy your company.

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