Cleaning Products – Use the Products Pros Use

House cleaning supplies in a bucket

Professional cleaners bring a wealth of experience to their work. That experience extends to their choice of cleaning tools and products. To use what the pros do, stock your cleaning closet or cupboard with these must-have items.

Professional Cleaning Products

The star of your cleaning caddy should be a high-quality all-purpose cleaner. We use Mr. Clean, which has been proven effective and safe for all surfaces. It now even comes in multiple Febreeze scents and in an antibacterial formula, which cleans up to 99.9 percent of all bacteria. Opt for the large-format bottles to get the lowest price per ounce.

For windows and mirrors, the original cleaner works best: Windex. It also works on sealed marble and granite, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and glass shower doors, and it proves safe on coated windows. To clean electronics, use the specially formulated product exactly for that.

Also keep on hand a tile and grout cleaner such as Scrubbing Bubbles or Arm & Hammer Scrub Free. These acid-based cleaners remove soap buildup without the elbow grease needed that leaves you with sore arms and wrists. The original formulas work well for regular use, but we use the bleach versions when faced with serious amounts of mildew.

Finally, when faced with pet stains we pull out a multi-action, bio-enzymatic cleaning formula such as Nature’s Miracle. It reacts to organic stain and odor matter as opposed to products that simply cover the latter with a different scent. The product also reaches below carpet into the pad and subfloor to ensure a complete clean. Get the Laundry Boost formula for when you wash pet beds and other items.

Professional Cleaning Tools

Microfiber Cleaning ClothCertain cleaning tools work better than others for particular jobs. For example, terry cloth makes an excellent all-purpose cleaning rag, while cotton cloths work best for buffing. Microfiber towels dust the best; remember not to use fabric softener when drying microfiber. Always have on hand double-sided sponges, as the nylon scrubby side makes short work of messes, and have different brushes for different tasks. Yes, grout really does require the smaller brush, and you want the specially shaped toilet brush for that task.

An extendible duster for cleaning on-high light fixtures takes your cleaning to the professional level, as does the special attachment for ceiling fans. Get a high-quality squeegee, as well, to get streak-free windows the first time.

Upright VacuumWhen it comes time to choose a new vacuum, start by deciding between an upright and a canister. A high-quality upright gets the job done in all homes, with a canister making it easier to clean stairs. Next look for these features:

  • Height adjustment so you can match the vacuum height to the length of pile
  • Brush on-off switch; when turned off, the vacuum better cleans and avoids scratching of bare floors
  • Motorized upholstery attachment; this tool is a must-have for homes with pets
  • HEPA filter to reduce allergens in the home
  • Bagless canister; you save money in the long run
  • Finally, invest in high-quality rubber gloves. Your hands will thank you, as will your nail polish if manicures are a must in your life.
  • Get the cotton-lined gloves, which don’t make your hands sweat and are comfortable.

With all of these cleaning products and tools opt for the largest size and highest quantity available to save money.

Professional Cleaning Services

Maid dustingMany of our customers enjoy cleaning their own home and use us for deeper cleaning every month or so. That way, they can simply maintain. The next time you have a professional cleaner into your home, stick around and observe to learn even more tricks of the trade. We don’t mind sharing our knowledge. After all, we’re not live-in help!

For your home cleaning needs, call the professionals at Molly Maid. Each maid services team comprises insured, licensed and uniformed housekeepers who are regularly supervised. Click here to request service in your area.