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Home Cleaning Schedule: Your Weekly Guide to Keeping Things Clean

Keeping your house clean during a work week can be tough, but these tasks are crucial to preventing major cleaning overhauls down the line. Chaos can be kept at bay by putting 20 minutes a day away for little tasks. If you can manage one task a day, the weekend will not be a clean-a-thon! Try to keep up on the tasks listed below and the weekend should be a breeze.

1. Do your dishes after every meal. No one ever wants to clean up after they cook a meal, but this is a crucial aspect to keeping your kitchen tidy. This rule goes for taking out the trash as well. As soon as it begins to brim to the top, take it out so you don’t procrastinate.

2.Deal with whatever comes through the door. Be prepared to have a designated space for guests. Having a special area for incoming items helps keep entry ways organized.

3. Designate each day a different color for laundry. For instance, Monday could be lights, Tuesday could be work towels and blankets, and Wednesday could be jeans and darker colors. By alternating days, laundry becomes less time consuming on the weekend.

4. Make a checklist for yourself every Sunday or Monday. The checklist will consist of goals you want to accomplish throughout the week for your household. As silly as it sounds, having a list to mark off will help you feel accomplished and focused.

5.Make sure you don’t keep clutter around the house. When you have significant others and kids, shoes and miscellaneous items start to gather and it becomes a common occurrence. Double check that any piece of clutter laying around has a specific place to go. If it doesn’t, create a “junk” box of things that you can purge. Purging unnecessary items is key to keeping a tidy home.

6. Make your bed as soon as you get up. Making the bed in the morning may not seem like it would make a big difference, but this is the center of your room. Having your bed made can make a whole room look tidier instantaneously. Getting in the habit of making your bed every day makes the cleaning process ingrained in your daily routine.

If cleaning for 15-20 minutes a day isn’t a habit for you yet, try to make it one. Habits are formed through practice. If those 15-20 minutes are usually spent surfing the web or watching TV, try multi-tasking or simply switch it out with one or two easy cleaning tasks. Before you know it, cleaning won’t even feel like a chore. You’ll be a pro!

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