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Photo Credit: Andesine on Flickr

How to Clean Mold From Windowsills

We’re officially in the spring season. The weather is warmer, the bird are chirping, the sun is shining a little brighter. And it’s time to finally open the windows to let in some fresh air. But wait! Is that mold on your windowsills? Ewww. Keep reading to learn Molly Maid’s tips on how to clean mold from windowsills.

Moldy windowsills are unsightly and not good for the overall health of your home. But before you get started, to limit your exposure to the mold you should consider wearing a dust mask and rubber gloves.

How to Clean Mold from Windowsills

You can take a couple of different approaches with the type of solution you use:

Bleach Water: Use a mixture of warm water and chlorine bleach. We recommend following the directions of the bleach manufacturer to know how much bleach and water to mix together.

White Vinegar & Water: If you prefer to not use bleach, you can also try a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water.

Equipment: Toothbrush, damp microfiber cloth, and a little elbow grease. Wet the toothbrush with the solution of your choice, and scrub with some elbow grease to break up the mold particles. Once the mold has been scrubbed, use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean

Please note that mold can come back, especially if the conditions that made the windowsill moldy to begin with (a window leak, moisture on window panes, etc.) still remains. Fixing the moldy windowsill issue at the root cause will better prevent mold in the future as opposed tor regularly cleaning it.

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