How to Clear a Table the Right Way

A table set with china, wine glasses, lit candles, and a floral centerpiece. Photo Cred: David Goehring on Flickr.
As the holiday season approaches, this is a time of family, celebration, and … messes! One of the biggest messes typically occurs during the family dinner on Christmas. Food on the table (or floor), dishes left in the sink (or on table), and everyone’s favorite, dishes (or food) in other parts of the house are unfortunate holiday traditions. Reverse your fortune by teaching your loved ones how to clear a table the right way. In this blog, we will explain how to keep a clean table this holiday season.

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At Molly Maid, we recognize that there is no clear cut “right way” to clear a table. Different things may be on a certain table, you may be serving appetizers oppose to one main course meal, etc. But there are some general guidelines. The table should be cleared of everything that was put on it prior to eating and wiped down. The floor should be checked (and possibly cleaned) for any leftover traces of food or drink. Lastly, dishes should be either cleaned or loaded in the dishwasher.

So the real question is … how to do you get your family to do all of this stuff? We have some tips!

Assign Roles … Before Eating

By assigning roles to each person eating, you set the expectation that everyone will be participating in cleaning after the meal is done. And is push comes to shove, anyone who rejects doesn’t eat! Just kidding …

Make It Fun

Create a holiday themed cleaning game, award prizes/gifts to the fastest cleaner (or the best cleaner), and don’t be overly critical if someone doesn’t clean “your way.” If those ideas don’t work, try playing some music that most would enjoy!

Take a Break

Have you ever ate so much that you felt “stuffed?” Did you want to immediately get up after feeling that way? No? We thought so. Let the people at the table relax for a short while (or finish eating) before making the announcement to clean.