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Winter Cleaning Tips For Slush-free Floors

As some of us are hoping for a “White Christmas”, others are not so thrilled of the idea of the snow. One of the reasons some will dread snow this holiday season is the slush that damages the floors in your home. Well if that was one of your concerns, Molly Maid has some great winter cleaning tips for slush-free floors!

The best way to clean slush-free floors is to prevent having to clean them in the first place! There are several ways to prevent wet floors. Here are some ideas:

Doormat – This is a bit old school but still effective. Simply wiping your feet off on a doormat drastically reduces the amount of slush on your floors.

Boot Tray – A boot tray simply hold your shoes in a tray that helps drain ice and snow off of your shoes. Martha Stewart has came up with a way to make a DIY Boot Tray.

Go Through The Garage – If you have an attached garage, use it! This will drastically reduce the amount of snow you step in. Even if you step into snow during your trip by the time you get back home, chances are that slush would have melted in the car ride back home.

No Shoes Allowed – Ever been to someone house and they immediately say, “Can you take your shoes off please?” When it is snow outside, it is not a bad idea to make sure no shoes are allowed to be worn in your home.

Shovel The Snow – May seem self explanatory but shoveling your snow will reduce the slush on your floors. After your shovel, put down some rock salt to curb from additional snow and ice buildup. It is easier to clean up salt pebbles then slush. Trust us.

Runner Rugs – Placing runner rugs in high traffic walkways is a great idea if you would like to not take your shoes off. Use with caution though as areas without runner rugs can be severely damaged if shoes are worn.

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