Complete List of Interior Car Cleaning Supplies

The trunk of a car crammed with a skateboard, outdoor gear, and other items. Photo Cred: Bugsy on Flickr.
At times, cleaning the inside of your car can seem rather pointless—especially for busy families and those who are always on the go. Within days, your car somehow accumulates a variety of wrappers, smudges, crumbs and sticky cup holders. And even after a tiresome clean, your car still doesn’t have that new car look, feel and smell.

Next time, come prepared with the essential items to give your car the thorough clean that it desperately needs. After all, your car works hard; give it the cleaning it deserves! And one thing we’ve learned from decades in the cleaning business: If something is seriously clean, you’ll take better care to keep it that way.

Interior Car Cleaning Supplies

Trash bags: Before any real cleaning can happen, gather all of the loose garbage that you find lying around. Be sure to check under the driver and passenger seats; kids love hiding their trash in hard-to-reach places!

Shop vacuum: We recommend using a chisel tip extension to get in between seats and hard-to-reach places.

Rags: From wiping down the dashboard to the windows, you’ll need plenty of clean rags. It’s a good idea to have some newspaper on hand, too, for streak-free windows – read more window cleaning tips.

Bucket and soap: If you have dirty rubber mats, a bucket full of warm soapy water should do the trick. Let your mats dry then wipe them down with dashboard cleaner to protect them from future grime.

Bristle brush: For especially “seasoned” mats, use a bristle brush to scrub off caked-on dirt and grease.

Toothbrush: A toothbrush is a great tool for reaching hard-to-reach cracks, like between radio buttons. Use the brush to clean cracks on your center console and wipe crumbs from your cup-holders.

Upholstery cleaner: Find it at your local hardware store to really clean your carpets and seats. Apply the cleaner to the upholstery, rub in the foam and vacuum it away once it has dried. Your carpet will look cleaner than it has ever looked from just vacuuming.

Dashboard cleaner: Most dashboard cleaners will clean and protect the plastics, leaving your dashboard clean and shiny. This step is a real pro move, as the dashboard is one of the most visual elements of your vehicle.

Air freshener: Finish up your project with a fresh scent of your choice. Consider even spraying some into your vents for a burst of fresh air from your AC.

Glass cleaner: Interior windows can be coated in greasy fingerprints—grab some newspaper and wipe them away!

Come prepared with the above items and you’ll clean your car better than ever before! And while you hit the open road, let Molly Maid clean your house. We offer flexible cleaning plans for every lifestyle and budget. Contact your local Molly Maid for a free, affordable quote today!