Great Gifts for the Messy Person in Your Life

Hands holding craft paper gift box.

The sink is always overflowing with their dirty dishes. They leave dirty clothes marking a trail to the laundry room. And the toilet paper holder always holds an empty roll, despite a full roll sitting on the back of the toilet. Everyone has that loved one in their life who they absolutely adore, except for one thing — they’re an absolute mess. But with a little help, messy people can make big strides. Give your untidy friend or family member a gift that’s both funny AND useful.

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Gifts for Messy People

Phone/Wallet/Key Finder: Can you call my phone? I can’t find it anywhere… Have you seen my wallet? I’ll be right over; I just need to find my dang car keys… We’ve all been there—some more than others. For your friend who can never leave the house on time, help them keep track of their valuables with a Tile phone finder. Attach a small Bluetooth tag to your phone, keys, wallet and more. Track them anywhere they may go!

Cost: $25

Label maker: For those who can’t find items that are sitting right in front of their face, consider a label maker! Honestly, handheld label makers are great — and they can also be very comical. Consider labeling the TV remote, the garbage can, the vacuum cleaner and other obvious household items that are underused or always missing in action.

Cost: $19.99

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Baby Mop: Perfect for your friends with a baby that can’t find the time to tidy up. Help your friends out by letting their baby play AND clean at the same time! Just put on the mop-like onesie and let the tot crawl all over the floors he or she has painted with dropped food. It’s about time that baby started pulling his weight! *Baby not included

Cost: $40.00

Lint roller: The sheer disappointment of opening a lint roller is gag-worthy. But at the same time, who couldn’t use a lint roller? Perfect for anyone with cats, dogs or lots of sweaters. Pro tip: Keep one in your car!

Cost: $3.99

No-Spill Wine Glass: The no-spill wine glass was made for your clumsy wine-loving friend. And the funny thing about wine is people tend to get even clumsier with each glass. So, stop worrying about your carpet, couch and clothes — buy your friend a no-spill wine glass. As an added benefit, the insulated tumbler will keep whites cold. Also perfect for camping, boating and anything outdoors.

Cost: $12.99, $6.99

Waterproof Adult Bib: If you can’t get your friend to drink from a spill-proof glass, at least help them protect their outfit with a waterproof adult bib. This is especially useful when eating spaghetti, barbeque and tacos. And if your friend is afraid of looking unfashionable, we recommend this elegant black tuxedo bib. Stunning, and sure to impress on a first date!

Cost: $17.99

House Cleaning Gift Certificate: Have any additional gift ideas for messy people? Let us know in the comments below. And if your friend or loved one needs some extra help getting their house back in order, let Molly Maid lend a hand! Our house cleaning gift certificates make the perfect gift for busy parents and professionals who simply don’t have the time to give their home the deep clean it needs. And unlike some of the gifts mentioned above, a gift card from Molly Maid is one they will absolutely use and adore!