Complete List of Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

A yellow scrub brush in front of a collection of bathroom cleaner bottles. Photo Cred: Backdoor Survival on Flickr.
Let’s be honest. The bathroom is a warzone. It’s the one room in your house that you would clean with your eyes closed if you could. Instead, we gear up with rubber gloves that extend to our elbows and an arsenal of disinfecting chemicals to combat an overwhelming army of germs. This is one battle that you don’t want to go into unprepared!

Bathroom Cleaning Supplies List

Toilet brush — The toilet brush plays a pivotal role in controlling the spread of germs and keeping your toilet bowl clean. It’s a good idea to clean the brush every once in a while, too! Use a disinfectant, rinse and let it drip dry before placing it back in the holder.

Toilet bowl cleaner — Squeeze this around the inside rim of your toilet bowl and scrub away! If your toilet still smells foul after you’re done cleaning, consider using a toilet bowl deodorizer – the stuff that turns the water blue!

Rubber gloves — This one doesn’t need explaining. Bathrooms are gross. Wear gloves.

Grout brush — You shouldn’t have to scrub your grout every time you clean your bathroom, but it’s probably a good idea to get down on your hands and knees at least twice a year.

Grout and tile cleaner — Grout is really good at grabbing onto every bit of dirt and debris that falls. Use a heavy-duty tile and grout cleaner to spare yourself some serious elbow grease.

Vacuum or mop — If you clean regularly, you may be able to get away with vacuuming over a tile floor in order to pick up loose hair and toe nail clippings. Just make sure you give the floor a good mopping once a month.

All-purpose cleaner — Use your favorite all-purpose cleaner for spraying down hard surfaces like the sink, the counter top and the toilet. That way, your bathroom will be left clean and germ free.

Glass cleaner —It’s hard keeping the mirror clean when people are constantly wiping away steam and splashing water from the sink. For streak-free results, use only a small amount of glass cleaner and wipe away with newspaper.

Tub and tile cleaner — This stuff is designed to cut through soap scum and mildew. We also recommend using a small squeegee after your morning shower to prevent water marks and soap scum from developing in the first place.

Scrub brush — Keep another scrub brush around for cleaning the shower and tub. A brush removes soap scum, lime scale and hard water stains much more effectively than a rag or paper towel.

Disinfectant spray or wipes — Get in the habit of using disinfectant spray or wipes to kill germs in obvious places, like the door knob, flusher handles and sink handles.

Fresh candle — Your favorite candle or potpourri can keep the bathroom smelling fresh between cleans and while in use. Reed diffusers also do the trick.

Pro Tip: Wash your shower curtain liner by tossing it into your washing machine with a bath towel!

The best way to maintain a clean bathroom is to adopt a regular bathroom cleaning schedule. If you’d rather spend your time outside of the bathroom and far away from cleaning supplies, contact your local Molly Maid, a Neighborly company, today!