Dorm Cleaning Hacks & Organization Tips

Panoramic view of a dorm room, with bunk beds, two TVs, and two desks. Photo Cred: Matt Witmer on Flickr.
Living in a traditional college dorm is a chance of a lifetime. Dorm life means countless memories and a chance to find your independence as an adult. But with the invaluable experiences comes one of the biggest challenges— living in a small room with one or more other fellow students. Properly organizing and cleaning your dorm room is one of the most valuable things you can learn while in college (not to mention all your future roommates will be eternally grateful).

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Here’s a few college hacks for dorm room cleaning and organizing:

  1. Never ever forget to look under the bed: The space under your bed can be one of the best places for storage — it should never go unused. Avoid stuffing miscellaneous junk under the bed just before guests arrive. Instead, be proactive and dedicate underbed storage units to store seasonal items like winter coats or boots. For cute DIY underbed storage units, check out these ideas from The Budget Decorator. And for an extra few inches of underbed storage, try these adjustable bed risers.
  2. Try using the door for so much more: Don’t waste door space and purchase a shoe organizer for the back of your dorm room door. You don’t have to use it for shoes, but for snacks, school supplies or almost anything you need to access on a daily basis.
  3. Shower accessories don’t have to stay in the shower: shower caddies make great non-shower organizers. Mount it on a wall next to your bed for a DIY electronic holder. We recommend this basic one here.
  4. Opt for plastic over wood: For the closet, choose the thin, plastic hangers over the sturdier wood ones. You’ll be amazed how much space you’ll save after switching to the thinner (and cheaper!) hangers.
  5. Show it off: Show off your favorite handbags or hats on the wall using this wooden peg rack. found on Amazon. You now have a fashionable and easy place to store awkwardly shaped items.

Organizing is a great proactive measure to keeping your dorm in tip top shape, but setting aside time to keep it that way is equally important. Reserve time on your calendar each week and encourage your roommate(s) to do the same. Make it interactive and fun — play music and incentivize yourselves with a treat after.

The easy rule of thumb for organizing and cleaning is to optimize and consider space in unlikely places. If you’re being conscious of the space between doors, under furniture and between walls, you’ll make sure to use your space efficiently.