How to Wash Your Tired Pillows

White pillows tossed on a bed with a white duvet cover. Photo Cred: Luc De Leeuw on Flickr.
Washing pillows is one of the more overlooked chores when it comes to cleaning bedrooms. Pillows can contain a lot of dust, bacteria and many other unwanted germs. So cleaning your pillows is important! It is recommended that you wash your pillows twice a year. If you live in a warm climate, it is recommended that you wash your pillows four times a year.

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Pre- Wash Tips

If your pillow doesn’t spring open right away when you fold it in half, then it is time to replace it. The material inside is likely to be very worn out. Oppose to throwing worn pillows away, recycle them! Worn pillows could be used for pet beds, throw pillows, or even as padding in your garage to prevent door dings! Lastly, use mild liquid detergent. Try to avoid powder detergent if possible to avoid residue on pillows.

Tips for Washing

Washing two pillows at a time will help keep the washer balanced, and pillows should be placed in the machine vertically. By doing this, they are less likely from being wrapped around and damaged by the agitator in the washing machine. If you have a washing machine without an agitator, then you can simply place the pair of pillows in the washing machine however you like. Follow the directions on the care label when washing. If the tag is worn out or no longer on the pillow, wash them in warm water on the gentle cycle.

If you can put your pillows in the dryer (check care label), place a couple of tennis balls or dryer balls in with the pillows. This helps with drying time, allows for pillows to stay plump, and prevent clumping. You can also air dry them as well.

Note: If you have foam pillows, they CANNOT be washed. You should, however, dust them by using a vacuum hose and/or spot cleaning them with a damp cloth.