The Cat Peed in the House, Now What?

A white cat sitting on beige carpet
Nearly every cat lover has had to deal with cat pee in the house at one time or another. If your favorite feline is misbehaving in this way — don’t fret — you can follow our six immediate and important steps to minimize and/or eliminate the damage.

This information will make it so you can finally discover how to clean cat pee:

1.) Blot up as much pee as possible:

This is the first and most important cat pee cleaning tip — catch your kitty right away. If you can blot up as much of the pee from the spot as possible, you are half way there.

2.) If the stain is dry, pour cold water on it and blot it dry:

If you are too late, again, don’t fret. Pour water onto the spot and blot this dry. This action will soak up the pee that dried, and remove some of the ammonia smell that cats are so famous for.

3.) Do NOT use ammonia-based cleaners. Ammonia-based cleaners may encourage your cat to pee again:

Cat lovers already know how smart most cats are. If they smell a spot with pee, they will keep peeing there. They will see this as a signal that is the place to go back to. This cat pee cleaning tip means you need to focus on changing that smell, and removing any residue of ammonia or stain.

4.) Use vinegar to kill bacteria:

The smell of vinegar signals to your cat the process of fermentation. Your cat will not be attracted to this smell, and will not want to return to a spot that has this odor. Vinegar not only removes any bacteria that might allow the ammonia smell to return; it will also repel your kitty from using the spot again. Vinegar is easier for humans to smell and tolerate than ammonia — and the vinegar smell will fade soon.

5.) Sprinkle with baking soda once the area is dry:

This is your secret cat pee elimination miracle. Baking soda changes an acid ph to an alkaline ph. Alkaline ph does not smell. Acid ph does. Some cat owners will sprinkle the baking soda before the spot is dry. This will help if you failed to get all of the yellow stain off when you were blotting and using cold water on it. The stain and the smell will be absorbed into the baking soda. If the baking soda turns yellow – great! It picked up your stain. Vacuum this up and sprinkle more baking soda to get the remainder of the smell and color to be completely gone.

6.) Vacuum excess baking soda:

Such an easy thing to do! Baking soda really works, and it is easy to clean up once it becomes totally dry. So the next time you discover a need to clean cat pee – use this cat pee cleaning tip to make your life easier, and to get your carpets and floors cleaner and more kitty-friendly.

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