Tips for Keeping Hand Sanitizer at the Ready

Man blowing his nose into a tissue. Photo Cred: William Brawley on Flickr.
Germs are everywhere. Your sneezy kids and stuffy-nosed coworkers remind us of this fact nearly every day. We know that the best way to keep yourself and your household healthy is by regularly washing your hands with soap and warm water. The only problem is… finding a sink and soap dispenser isn’t always possible — in the car, at the playground or while sitting through a meeting.

According to the CDC, the next best option is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Below we have outlined some tips for keeping hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes accessible all the time.

In Your Purse

This one may seem obvious, and chances are you already have a small bottle of hand sanitizer floating around in your purse. Just make sure your bottle has a lid or a cap vs. a pump. A small bag of sanitizing wipes can be less bulky and easier to conceal within a purse pocket. Sanitizing wipes are also less likely to make a mess.

On a Keychain

You don’t always have your purse, but you’re likely to at least have a set of keys. Consider buying a small spray key chain. The 1-oz. spray bottles are more slender and discreet than the gel carriers. The spray is also easier to apply.

On Backpacks/Sports Bags

The hand sanitizer key chains usually come in multiples. Attach a few to your kids’ school bags and sports bags. Although they have access to a sink at school, they may not always think to go wash their hands. The keychain is a great reminder and, at times, much more convenient.

Can you take hand sanitizer on an airplane?

Yes. Passengers may carry on up to 3.4 oz. of non-flammable liquid, gel or aerosol. The hand sanitizer must fit inside a clear, plastic, quart-sized resealable bag, according to the TSA.

In the Car

In addition to keeping a bottle of hand sanitizer in your glove box, we recommend keeping a pack of disinfectant wipes within close reach. Eliminate germs at the source by regularly wiping down the steering wheel, door handles and center console.

There are plenty of hand sanitizer brands to choose from. Try to find a product that contains at least 60% alcohol and a moisturizing/skin sensitivity element. We prefer the small spray bottles because they are more discrete and easier to apply. That way we don’t look like complete germ freaks (even though we totally are!).

Germs really are everywhere. Washing your hands regularly, either with soap and water or hand sanitizer, only goes so far. It’s just as important to clean your kitchen, bathroom and living spaces. Check out these tips for killing germs around the office. And if you need any help cleaning your home — we get it, you’re busy! — contact your local Molly Maid online or call for a free, affordable quote today!