How to Refresh Your Worn Out Rug

Three bright yellow tennis balls sitting on top of folded rugs
If you own a home, chances are you have at least one rug. Rugs can change the entire personality of a room or hallway. Some are inexpensive and utilitarian, used to provide a simple floor covering. Of course, some rugs are imported and cost thousands of dollars as well. Either way, every rug needs proper maintenance from time to time to prevent them from becoming too dirty or starting to fall apart. Here are a few quick tips that can revitalize an aging or neglected rug.

  1. Use the Manufacturer’s Cleaning Instructions

If you have access to cleaning instructions to your specific rug from the manufacturer, always follow them over any other advice. No one knows a rug like the people that made it.

  1. Vacuum Regularly and Carefully

The simplest form of rug maintenance is regular vacuuming. If you can adjust the height of your vacuum, make sure to have it on the right setting for your type of rug. Vacuuming sucks up loose dirt, massages the fabric, and shakes loose other things like dead skin cells and pet dander that may be sinking into the rug.

Be careful while vacuuming! If your rug has fringe along the edges, vacuuming too close can damage or tear it.

  1. Flatten the Rug

If there’s a crease in your rug, roll your rug a few times to massage the crease out. This is especially useful for hallway runners, the long thin rugs that some homeowners use to decorate corridors. Creases in rugs happen more often in high-traffic rooms, so keep your eye out for them.

  1. Use the Dryer

For small rugs and mats, a tumble in the dryer on its lowest setting is enough to bring them back to life. It’s best to put a few tennis balls in the dryer with the rug. Make sure that it’s safe to put your rug in the dryer – the benefits are lost if the rug is too big or the heat is too high, as it can damage expensive rugs.

  1. Rinse Water-Safe Rugs

If you’ve got a rug that won’t be damaged by water, hose it off and hang it up to dry. It’s the most efficient way to clean a rug, but it’s definitely not a method that’s safe for most rugs.

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