Ultimate Q-tips Cleaning Tips

Person's hand cleaning in between computer keyboard keys with a Q-tip
When you need to clean your ears, the first instinct for most is to grab the Q-tips®! But did you know that Q-tips clean much more than ears? The purpose of this blog is to showcase the cleaning power of Q-tips. In combination with some rubbing alcohol, Q-tips can be used to clean various household items and products. See below some of tips you can use today!

Refurbishing Furniture, Walls, and Floors

Using Q-tips is a good way to touch-up paint on cabinets or walls preciously without the mess. Q-tips are also good to apply wood stain to cover scratches in furniture or floors.

Keep Your Iron Steamy

Has your iron lost some of its steam over the years? Likely, mineral deposit build-up in the vents and on the face of the iron took the steam out of your ironing. To clear, start with making a 2-1 mixture of baking soda and water, which will create a paste. Apply to the iron’s soleplate and wipe off with a wet cloth. Then dip Q-tips in distilled water and insert the ends into the steam vents. Empty old reservoir water and add some distilled water and run on full steam. Your vents should be clean, and so should the soleplate.

Reaching Those Hard-to-Reach Places

There are several nooks and crannies in our homes that are very hard (and often tedious) to clean. Here are just a few things that Q-tips can help you clean:

  • Medicine cabinets – Dirt, dust and makeup can get stuck in the tracks and grooves of your bathroom medicine cabinet. Q-tips are sized to get into these hard to reach places and remove unwanted buildup.
  • Window sills – Dirt and dust can accumulate quickly in the corners of windows and window sills. Q-tips are small enough to get into these cracks and crevices and remove unwanted buildup.
  • Sliding glass doors – Dirt, dust, leaves and food particles can get stuck in the tracks and grooves of your sliding glass doors. Q-tips are the perfect size to get into these hard to reach places and remove unwanted buildup.

Cleaning the Keyboard

Computer keyboards contain tons of unwanted germs, dust, and food particles. We advise to dip Q-tips in alcohol and swipe between the keys.

For more information on cleaning your entire home office, click here.

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