7 Finishing Touches to a Clean Home

Bright red geraniums
There’s nothing like a clean home. But you can take it a step further by adding the perfect home ambience: “finishing touches” that give the home a feeling of comfort and magic.

A wood fire crackling in the fireplace on a snowy winter’s day is the most famous example of a finishing touch and is perhaps the very definition of “cozy.” There are other special ways to feel relaxed and happy in your freshly cleaned home, many appealing to one or more of our senses — sight, touch, smell and hearing. Here are some ideas for anyone expecting company or just wanting to create a comfortable, relaxing environment:

Arrange Fresh Flowers

Beautiful to look at, great to smell and offering your home a little bit of fresh air, fresh flowers make a room special, especially if they come from your own yard. Don’t have a garden? Ask the florist what’s in season and they’ll help you pick the perfect bouquet. To make your flowers last longer, recut the stems about an inch and replace the water every couple days.

Light Some Candles

Along with flowers, flickering flames are the king of home ambience, casting light and a feeling of warmth. Scented candles add a nice smell to a home, too. If you have kiddos abound, consider placing flameless candles. They don’t smell, but they flicker like the real deal and usually turn off automatically.

Make the Bed

How about walking into a bedroom and seeing a bed that looks super soft to the touch. Ahhh, the shoulders come down. Having the soft sheets and pillowcases is one thing, making the bed look nice is another. We recommend changing your sheets once a week. Spend an extra minute fluffing the pillows, folding back the comforter and straighten the bed skirt to make sure the bed looks especially inviting.

Tie the Room Together

Hardwood floors look clean and elegant, but an accent of soft area rugs will add a cozy sense of touch, especially for those barefoot morning walks to the kitchen. When it comes to selecting your rug, consider the size of the room and the furniture placement. Typically, the front two legs of a couch or chair should be placed on the area rug without crowding the natural gathering space.

Mull Some Spices

An inexpensive, flame-free way to make your home smell great. Simply fill a pot halfway with water and place on medium heat. Add your favorite spices – cloves, peppercorn, cinnamon sticks, allspice, nutmeg, vanilla bean and orange peels are especially aromatic. Let the soothing steam slowly waft through your home. Mulling spices is especially comforting around the holidays (as is mulled wine!).

Bake Something Delicious

Walking into a home where the oven has just baked a batch of cookies is like a moment in heaven. Consider making some yummy muffins or fudgy brownies right before your guests come over. Not only will it smell great, your guests will have something to snack on! Wow, aren’t you just the greatest host?

Put on Some Tunes

Music is the perfect complement to a nicely cleaned home. What you play, of course, is determined 100% by your mood or the occasion at hand. It’s easy to forget about music, especially in this modern era of headphones and earbuds. But once you have a set-up for amplifying the music on your smartphone for all to enjoy, you can start shopping for the perfect playlist.

Of course, it all starts with that clean home. Already decided on the perfect home ambience for you and your home, but don’t have time to get your home clean first? Contact your local Molly Maid to learn more about our flexible cleaning programs! We’re “Maid” for this!