Get Rid of Hard-to-Clean Glitter Once and for All

Woman shaking her hair free of glitter
Fact: One does not simply clean glitter.

That’s because a single glitter is clingy, as small as 0.002 square inches (1.3 mm2), and insidiously designed to grab the eye’s attention, even from a distance, with its joyful yet endlessly frustrating twinkle. Conventional cleaning methods will never lead to a fully glitter-free space.

But glitter doesn’t have to be your enemy. Here’s what can help you remove these glittering nanoparticles from various household surfaces, clothing and hair.

How to Clean Up Glitter from Hard Surfaces

To clean glitter from hard surfaces like tables, wooden floors, desktops and countertops, professionals who deal with glitter on a daily basis, like elementary school art teachers and salon nail technicians, recommend using a damp sponge and large bowl of water. Gently wipe the glitter with wet sponge then squeeze the sponge clean in the bowl of water and repeat until the surface is clean.

Kids and fun-loving adults who want to have fun while they clean their art messes can use … Play-Doh. Press the Play-Doh into the glitter until the Play-Doh surface is covered in shiny stuff, then simply work the Play-Doh until you have another clean surface to use to capture more glitter and repeat until the mess is completely absorbed. Voila! The work surface is clean and you also now have a seriously fabulous glob of Play-Doh.

Other glitter users report success with cotton balls, which they use to “herd” the glitter into a manageable pile and then, with breath held, they steer the pile off the edge and into an awaiting wastebasket below. (Also make sure the box fan is turned off and no one sneezes.)

You can also purchase Glitter Clean-Up Cloth, an inexpensive product designed specifically to handle glitter messes on hard surfaces. The cloth has a tackiness that draws the tiny pieces of plastic and holds onto them.

How to Get Glitter Out of Your Hair

If you don’t want to look like a rock star at your desk job on Monday morning, you’ll need to get that glitter out of your hair. In the event that shampooing doesn’t do the trick, try this: apply hair spray to paper towel and with a mirror or help from a friend, dab wherever glitter is clinging to your hair. The hair spray will offer enough tackiness to lift the sparkle from your hair and scalp.

How to Clean Glitter from Rugs and Carpeting

Vacuum all you want! Vacuum some more! We bet there will still be some glitter left behind. Then try this: it’s too simple. Dab the rug or carpet with wet paper towel.

How to Get Glitter Out of Clothing and Upholstered Furniture

Police detectives have used glitter to identify the perpetrators of break-ins and other crimes; even after the clothes were washed. One method that has proven successful for getting glitter off clothing is using a masking tape-style lint roller on your suit, dress, etc. You can also wrap tape around your hand, sticky side out, and target the glitter with that.

Bonus tip: If you want to wear your glamorous glitter dress without worrying about the glitter falling off onto your date and around the house, spray it gently with hairspray. Too much spray will dull the glitter, though, so please be careful.

How to Remove Glitter from Your Makeup Brushes

Here’s how to clean glitter off art or makeup brushes … swirl the brush around in a cotton ball dampened with rubbing alcohol. The glitter will magically bond with the cotton, leaving your brush “sparkling” — clean, that is.

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