How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

Remove wine stains from carpet
What fun is having a clean, beautiful home if you don’t use it once-in-a-while to entertain guests? Of course, spills go hand-hand with parties, but luckily for you there is nothing that a few select common household products can’t solve when paired with tenacious blotting and re-blotting.

Learn how to get red wine out of carpet with tips from the cleaning experts at Molly Maid.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet with Club Soda

One of the go-to cleaning solutions for red wine spills on carpet has been around since 1767 — club soda! Fortunately, club soda works just as well today to remove any red wine spill on carpet.

Follow these steps to learn how to get red wine out of carpet with club soda:

  1. Blot the stain as well as you can with a clean, dry cloth.
  2. Pour club soda on it.
  3. Blot again.
  4. Pour more club soda.
  5. Blot again, and so on, until the stain is gone.

How to Remove Wine Stains from Carpet with Dish Soap & White Vinegar

If you are looking to remove a red wine stain from carpet but don’t have any club soda, you can use dish soap and white vinegar to do the job. Follow these steps to remove a red wine spill on carpet:

  1. Blot the stain as well as possible.
  2. Prepare a cleaning solution: Add a tablespoon of hand dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of white vinegar to two cups of warm water.
  3. Using white cloth, only — so pigment from the cloth doesn’t bleed into your carpet — apply a small pour onto the stain, blotting frequently until the stain vanishes.

How to Remove Red Wine with Hydrogen Peroxide

If you don’t have access to club soda, detergent or vinegar there is one last option to help remove a red wine spill on carpet — hydrogen peroxide. Unfortunately, this option could cause some carpet discoloration, so be sure to test your carpet in a discreet area with hydrogen peroxide before using it to remove a red wine stain from carpet.

Once you have tested your carpet, follow these steps to remove any red wine stains:

  1. Blot the stain as best you can with clean, dry cloth.
  2. Mix two-parts hydrogen peroxide to one-part dishwashing soap and test it by applying it to a small, out-of-sight part of your carpet or rug.
  3. If it does not discolor the fabric, continue.
  4. Apply the solution to the red wine carpet stain.
  5. Blot and repeat until the stain is no more.

Red Wine Stain Removal Products

For the next spill — and you know there will be a “next” — you can make the job easier on yourself with a commercial wine remover product.

The best commercially available product made specifically for removing red wine stains is Wine Away ($8.50 for 12 fl. oz.). It was deemed the best red wine removal solution on the market by the editors at Good Housekeeping. Popular with the wine-happy residents of northern California wine country (and commonly found for sale in Napa Valley wineries), Wine Away can even remove dried stains from bright white carpet, tablecloth or clothing, and is safe around kids.

Another product, Chateau Spill, was ruled the top red wine stain remover by Wired magazine.

Professional Home Cleaning Services

Looking to spend more time preparing for your next part and curating that perfect wine list instead of cleaning? Molly Maid is here to support you with everything from wine stains to whole-home cleaning. Simply contact your local Molly Maid today and get a quote for home cleaning service that fits your needs, your schedule and your budget.