How to Clean Your Bedroom Lightning Fast

Man drinking out of a mug while looking at a messy bedroom
Bedrooms are one of those sacred, special places. It’s where we cheerfully — or not — greet each new day, and it’s a place of respite from our hectic days. Unfortunately, our bedrooms may often be somewhat neglected. While some may think a messy bedroom doesn’t matter, clutter is known to increase stress and anxiety.

For a quick fix to an eternal problem, wouldn’t it be great to know how to clean your bedroom fast?

If your bedroom is crowded with clutter and “mystery laundry” (as in, “I wonder if this is clean or dirty …”), it’s time for a Molly Maid-approved lightning speed-cleaning session.

How to Clean a Bedroom Fast

  1. Assemble your room-cleaning tools and supplies:
    • two large laundry baskets, one for dirty laundry, another for clutter
    • wastebasket or trash bag
    • damp cloth for dusting
    • broom/vacuum cleaner
    • a strong cup of coffee!
  2. De-clutter tops of dressers, desks and nightstands.
  3. Begin in one corner of the room — to the right of the door is a good place to start — working clockwise around the room, sorting items and placing them in the baskets or trash as you go.
  4. Remove and sort clutter from under your bed and closets.
  5. Tidy dresser drawers and linen closets by re-folding clothes and sheets as needed and discarding pocket scraps that may have accumulated.
  6. Move items that do not belong in the bedroom to their proper location.
  7. Dust/wipe down surfaces from high to low.
  8. Vacuum carpeting/rugs or sweep and mop hard floors.

That’s it — the clutter has been tamed and the room’s dirt has been swept or vacuumed up! You’re done! With your bedroom clean, your mornings will be brighter and your nights cozier. If you need a hand cleaning a bedroom or any room in your home, contact your local Molly Maid. Our flexible and affordable cleaning packages can transform your entire home into the haven it was meant to be.