Alternative Uses for Dryer Sheets

woman using dryer sheet to clean top of tv
Did you know dryer sheets aren’t just for freshening up your clothes and preventing static cling? It’s true—you can use dryer sheets all around your home as clever cleaning and air freshening hacks!

Consider these 13 dryer sheet uses you never knew about:

  • Remove pet hair: Wipe dryer sheets over furniture, clothing, rugs, and anywhere else pet hair accumulates to quickly remove it. Dump the pet hair in the trash as you go to use a single dryer sheet for pet hair removal throughout your entire home.
  • Get out deodorant stains: Don’t you hate when you miss the mark, and your deodorant brushes up against your shirt? To remove the stain, give it a quick rub with a dryer sheet.
  • Sweep the floor: When your Swiffer cloths run out, try using dryer sheets in their place. You’ll be amazed at how well they pick up dirt, dust, and hair.
  • Remove soap scum: Does your shower tile, glass door, or bathtub have unsightly soap scum? To remove it, add a few drops of water to a dryer sheet and gently scrub the scummy area. Rinse the residue off, and a majority of the scum should be gone.
  • Make your chrome shine: Hard water leaves calcium deposits on chrome. Whether it’s a bathroom faucet, shower fixtures, or your car’s bumper, a quick buff with a fresh dryer sheet will restore the chrome to a spotless shine.
  • Repel dust: Ditch your can of dust-attracting spray and use a dryer sheet to dust your electronics, blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, and other dusty areas of your home. It leaves behind a trace of anti-static residue for a fresh scent and effective dust repellent. This cleaning method is even effective with used dryer sheets, so there’s absolutely no waste.
  • Freshen the air as you vacuum: Place a dryer sheet over the mouth of your HEPA vacuum filter to freshen the air as you clean.
  • Freshen the air in your whole home: Place used dryer sheets on the inside of supply air registers to act as an extra air filter. The sheets trap dust and release a fresh, mild scent every time the furnace or air conditioner runs.
  • Remove burnt-on food from dishes: When you get tired of scrubbing that pan with burnt-on food, fill it with lukewarm water and add a fresh dryer sheet. Let it sit overnight. In the morning, you’ll find that scrubbing the burnt-on food from the pan is much easier now.
  • Clean oven racks: Soak soiled oven racks in the bathtub with 1/2 cup dishwashing detergent and six dryer sheets. Let the racks soak overnight, and in the morning, scrub them to remove any residue that doesn’t rinse off.
  • Clean up dry spills: Don’t cry over spilled flour—clean it up fast with a dryer sheet. The fine particles stick to the sheet, making clean-up easy. This trick works well for any dry, grainy spill, and even short hair trimmings.
  • Revitalize your hairbrush: Fill a bowl with warm water, a couple of dry sheets, and your hairbrushes and combs. Let it soak for a few hours. Then, rinse and dry your brushes to make them look like new!
  • Repel mosquitoes: Tie a dryer sheet to your belt loop or keep one in your pocket to ward off mosquitoes and gnats when spending time outside in the evening.

Have you tried any of these uses for dryer sheets? What have you found works well? For more cleaning tips, or to arrange professional house cleaning in your area, please contact your local Molly Maid today for a free estimate!