April Fools: Guide to Avoid Cleaning Until Somebody Else Does

Woman smiling and lying on a couch, with headphones on and food wrappers stuck under the cushions

Chances are you have better things to do than dust, vacuum, wash, and wipe, and with a little ingenuity (and help from Molly Maid), you may never have to tidy up again. With over 30 years of experience cleaning homes across the nation, Molly Maid has witnessed some very creative methods of disguising a messy house—and in the spirit of the season, we would like to share some tips on how to avoid cleaning and ensure you never have to lift a finger again!

Avoid Cleaning April Fools Style

Sweep Things Under the Rug

We’ve all experienced the “pop in” where guests stop by unannounced—and while you may be happy to see them, you may be less excited for them to see your mess. Rather than waste precious time cleaning for expected or unexpected visitors, make the most of those empty spaces around your home to store unsightly items such as dirty dishes (in the oven), dirty laundry (under the bed), and piles of mail, newspapers, and magazines (beneath the couch).

Turn the Other Cheek

Stains and spills are a part of life, but when they happen on your couch or loveseat they are a little trickier to clean up. Save that chore for another day and save wear and tear on your cushions by rotating them on a regular basis. Like magic, stains disappear and you’re left with a pristine surface that looks like new.

Go Under Cover

Cleaning frequently used surfaces such as your coffee table or dining table are an exercise in futility, as they don’t seem to stay clean for long. Reduce wear and tear these surfaces by covering up unsightly crumbs, dust, and other matter with a colorful tablecloth in your favorite pattern.

Fake It

While technology has simplified any number of everyday tasks, various household equipment such as your vacuum cleaner can be difficult to operate without a manual. Save yourself a headache and reduce the risk of cleaning related injuries, by storing your vacuum cleaner safely inside a closet until a trained professional arrives.

Let There Be Light

Unidentified odors can put a real damper on your time spent at home, whether alone or in the company of others. If you have neither the time nor inclination to go searching for the source, a scented candle or quick spray of air freshener can turn your odorous abode into a tropical paradise, spring meadow, or day at the beach in an instant.

Treat Yourself

The problem with cooking at home is that it generates an unsightly mess which prevents you from enjoying a relaxing post-meal nap or putting your feet up to celebrate a job well done. You can have the best of both worlds by treating yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant and coming home to a clean kitchen!

Hire the Best

Why fake it, when you can enjoy the real thing? The team of professionals at Molly Maid will leave your home neat and organized after each visit, leaving you more time to plan your April Fools pranks, and be with the ones you love.

For professional cleaning services that will transform the look and feel of your home, contact your local Molly Maid today.