How to Organize Baby Clothes

An open dresser drawer showing baby onesies separated by dividers
When you plan to have your first baby, there are many things on your mind. You’ll need to baby-proof your home for safety, turn your spare room into a nursery, and get all the clothing and supplies you need to welcome your new little one home.

At your baby shower, you were probably stunned by the amount of larger-sized baby clothes you received as gifts. “He won’t be able to wear these 9M onesies until next summer!” you think. But any parent will tell you how quickly the weeks and months get away from you, how fast children grow, and how you’ll be grateful for the larger clothing sizes you received at your baby shower before long.

Of course, if you have two little ones at the same time, you have multiple clothing sizes to contend with, often in the same dresser drawers and closet space. Baby clothes are so tiny and cute, but their small size makes them even more challenging to keep straight than your own wardrobe! Here’s how to organize baby clothes by size and season so you always know what you’re grabbing without the need to study the faded tag.

Best Way to Organize Baby Clothes in Drawers

If you store your baby’s clothes in a dresser or changing table drawers, follow these tips to keep them organized:

  • Roll clothes: When you fold stacks of clothing, the items on the bottom get forgotten. To ensure everything has an equal opportunity to be worn, roll your baby’s clothes instead of folding them. Prevent them from toppling over by placing individual onesies in ornament box dividers.
  • Organize by season: Buy plastic bins that fit the width of your baby’s dresser drawers. Then, fill each bin with clothing items used in the same season. As the weather changes, it’s easy to rotate your baby’s wardrobe with ease—simply swap the bins from front to back, and you’re all set.

How to Organize Baby Clothes in the Closet

For clothing items you prefer to hang, free up space and make it easy to find what you’re looking for with these organization tips:

  • Use clothing rack dividers: Take a note from your favorite clothing outlet and use rack dividers to organize baby clothes by size. Label them “Newborn,” “3-9M,” “1T-2T,” or whatever sizes apply to your children right now. This way, each time you do laundry, you can hang up shirts and pants in the appropriate places, making it easy to find what you’re looking for during the hectic morning rush.
  • Use an over-the-door shoe organizer: Hang it on the closet door to organize everything from shoes and socks to swimsuits and hair accessories.
  • Add another hanging rack: Kids’ clothes are so short that you probably have room to install a second or even third hanging rack to maximize your storage space.
  • Convert a bookshelf into a baby closet: Keep a few shelves as-is for storing shoes, plastic storage bins, and accessories. Then, remove a couple of shelves and mount shower curtain rods to use as clothing hanging rods for tiny baby outfits.

Get Help with Home Organization

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