How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets

The interior of a kitchen cabinet with measuring spoons hung from a hook
Enjoy cooking more, and ease before-mealtime frustration, by organizing your kitchen cabinets. Use the following Molly Maid kitchen cabinet organization tricks to keep your kitchen user-friendly.

Get Cooking with Expert Kitchen Cabinet Organization Hacks

Your kitchen should be a bright, delightful and utilitarian space that you’re happy to use several times each day. Here’s how to organize kitchen cabinets like a pro:

  • First, eliminate duplicate items. Purge to avoid wasting space and make cleaning kitchen cabinets easier. How many vegetable peelers do you really need?
  • Install hooks behind your upper and lower kitchen cabinet doors to hang measuring cups, spice rack, long or large salad tongs and more.
  • Use stick-on hooks for cabinet doors are thin/lightweight to avoid scarring doors. Store light items, like plastic salad tongs, there to increase the reliability of hooks.
  • Hooks placed on the back wall of the cabinets also help make use of your otherwise-wasted, between-shelf space.
  • Stack cups and drinking glasses within the cabinets to create space.
  • Add under-shelf baskets or wire shelves to use dead space above glasses/dishes in your cabinets. This allows you to use any open area between your (usually) widely-spaced cabinet shelving.
  • Organize and store items by purpose in each drawer/cabinet (baking supplies, cooktop tools, cooking spices, grill tools).
  • Store frequently used, and/or heavier items down low for safety and easy reaching/lifting when needed; for instance: mixers, blenders, etc.
  • Put glasses in the cabinet near the sink, and spices and oils near the stove. Think about where items are most often used (like the kitchen sink) and store them logically, so they’re easy to find/use when needed.
  • Leave your blender or toaster on the counter if you use it daily. If it’s used seasonally or for special events/parties, stash in a lower cabinet.
  • Use specially made or handcrafted covers for countertop appliances, to keep out dust and create a tidy, clean kitchen countertop look. Now that’s how to organize kitchen cabinets! Don’t stop there …
  • Use drawer dividers so everything in the kitchen drawers is visible and reachable at a glance, to make cooking and serving easy.
  • Got a window ledge? Use the window space to grow fresh spices within easy reach and to decorate the kitchen with natural greenery.
  • Pantry doors: If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen pantry, use over-the-door shelves for extra storage and/or add hooks maximize storage space and options.
  • Use stackable storage bins to make the most of potentially wasted floor space below pantry shelving.
  • Add floating shelves above pantry doors—or above cabinets if they don’t reach the ceiling—to use up wasted high-wall space.

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We hope you’ll find our kitchen cabinet organization tips useful to turn your crowded kitchen into a happy place. Need help cleaning your kitchen for an upcoming big event—or on a regular basis to enjoy constant clean? Contact the friendly housecleaning experts at Molly Maid today!