How to Keep Your Oven & Cabinet Gap Clean

Grease on the edge of a stovetop and countertop

The gap between your oven and cabinets is a pitfall for crumbs, spills, and splatters. Pulling out the oven is a real drag, but what other option do you have?

If the crevasse is already home to gunk and grime, you need to clean it out first. Then, with the gap looking spick and span, you can implement a few techniques to keep it that way.

Clean the Oven & Cabinet Gap

Don’t want to pull your oven out just to clean that tiny gap? No sweat! Just follow these oven cleaning tips to clear the crumbs away:

  • Dampen a washcloth and wrap it around a butter knife.
  • Insert this makeshift tool into the crack as close to the wall as you can and pull it toward you. To help prevent crumbs from falling to the floor, tilt the knife upward slightly.
  • After the first pass, shake the washcloth out in the sink.
  • Repeat these steps on the opposite side of the oven.
  • With both sides relatively clean, dampen the cloth again — this time with vinegar.
  • Re-wrap the knife, and return to the gap, and do a bit more scrubbing to remove stubborn gunk. Rinse and re-soak the cloth as many times as you need.

Install a “Kleen Seam”

Once the dreaded abyss is sparkling clean, you want to keep it that way! One option is to purchase an affordable Kleen Seam or similar product designed to cover the gap between counters and appliances. By installing an insert on each side of your oven, you effectively stop crumbs and splatters from falling into the chasm.

Kleen Seam comes in several colors and materials, including white plastic, almond-colored plastic, clear silicone, black silicone, white silicone, and heavy-duty metal. All varieties are heat resistant and fire retardant. They can remain in place while cooking, increasing their effectiveness against splatters.

Each insert is 20.5 inches long, and you can use kitchen shears to shorten it if necessary. When your Kleen Seam gets dirty, simply remove it and wash it off in the sink. Sturdy construction and heat resistance help your Kleen Seam last for many years.

Make Your Own Gap Guard

The Kleen Seam is useful, but if your counter or oven has a lip, the rounded surface can render this insert impractical. Fortunately, it’s not your only option. Here are other ways to make your own gap guard:

  • Fill the gap with rubber weatherstripping: This material is designed to compress when you close a window or door on it, creating a tight, weatherproof seal. It’s just what you need to seal off the oven and counter gap! Different sizes are available so you can cater to the gap’s size.
  • Insert clear plastic tubing into the gap: Available at home improvement stores, clear plastic tubing is a highly versatile product. Squish it between your oven and counter to fill the gap, cut it to length, and you’re done!
  • Fill a small crack with soft edge foam masking tape: Traditionally used to seal car doors, this thin product can fill particularly small oven and cabinet cracks.

Let Molly Maid Help Clean Your Kitchen

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen, the gap between your oven and cabinets is, unfortunately, the least of your worries. If you have too much on your plate to keep the rest of the kitchen clean, consider hiring Molly Maid. We have decades of experience making life easier for homeowners, and we’re ready to take away some of your stress!

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