Preparing Your Closet for Summer

Person pulling clothes out of a plastic bin

Warm weather is finally here to stay! Unless you have a huge walk-in closet, it’s probably not big enough to hold all your winter and summer clothing at the same time. That means now is a perfect time to bring your summer wardrobe out of hibernation.

Swapping out your seasonal clothes is an effective way to make the most of the space you have. Plus, it makes outfit selection easier. Learn how to organize your closet for summer, streamlining your outfit selection process and making your closet feel just as light and airy as this beloved season!

Pack Up Your Winter Clothes

  • Purge: Do you have any clothes you didn’t wear a single time this winter? Save storage space and donate them!
  • Do some laundry: Don’t be tempted to put semi-dirty clothing directly into storage. If you wore any winter clothes since the last time you washed them, put together a batch of laundry now. This goes for all your coats, scarves, gloves, and hats that don’t get washed after every wear.
  • Store heavy sweaters properly: If you hang wool or cashmere clothing, you risk it stretching and losing its shape. Always store sweaters folded, even during the winter. When summer rolls around, put them in durable plastic storage bins to keep pests at bay.
  • Pack up bulky items efficiently: Puffy coats, socks, and scarves take up a lot of space hanging in the closet. To store them effectively, put them in vacuum-sealed plastic bags. When you suck all the air out, you’ll be left with compact little bags of clothing to store in the garage or under the bed.
  • Protect your shoes: To keep boots from getting squished or misshapen, store them in their original boxes, if possible. You can also tuck them in individual plastic bins or hang them on space-saving boot racks.

NOTE: Be sure to keep a few light jackets accessible since you never know when a chilly summer evening might come along!

Get Your Summer Closet Ready

  • Clean the closet: Once your winter clothing has been removed, and before you hang up your summer wardrobe, take the time to deep clean the closet. Dust the shelves, wipe out drawers and bins, and vacuum the floor.
  • Take inventory: As you examine your summer clothes for the first time in a few months, think about what’s worth keeping, what you should donate, and what needs to be tossed. Are there any items missing from your wardrobe? Perhaps you’re reminded that last summer, you wished you had a cute sundress. Or maybe your sandals broke in September, but you told yourself you could replace them next season. Well, that time has arrived, so make a list and get shopping!
  • Categorize your clothes: You’ll save time in the morning and wear more of your wardrobe if you group like items together. Designate sections of the closet for dresses, t-shirts, tank tops, capris, and workout clothes. It might be easier to store shorts folded in a drawer. Consider doing the same for anything made of stretchy fabric that could lose its shape if hung on a hanger.

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