5 Tips for Hall Closet Organization

Close-up of two black wool coats and three puffer coats on wooden hangers in organized hall closet.

An organized hall closet with extra space for your guests’ coats is a must this holiday season. With a few organizational tips, you’ll have room to spare so your friends and family can hang their outerwear in the closet rather than draping coats haphazardly on dining room chairs or the back of the sofa. Here are five closet organization ideas to consider.

Remove anything that doesn’t need to be near the front door.

It’s easy for the hall closet to become a catch-all when you get home from running errands or the kids burst in the door after school. However, if you succumb to this mistake, you can easily overcrowd the closet, leaving less room for the items you actually want to store there.

Sift through your closet today, and decide what stays and what goes. Organize any items you remove in another part of your home.

Use an over-the-door organizer.

This may not be an option if your closet has bi-fold doors, but for standard swinging closet doors, an over-the-door organizer can be a great space-saving trick. So many varieties of these organizers are available to meet your unique needs. Use an organizer with pockets to hold shoes, gloves, or keys. Use over-the-door hooks to hold handbags, hats, and scarves. Or use a shelf rack to hold other small accessories.

Move infrequently used coats to a less accessible location.

If you live somewhere with long winters, you might have three or four different coats to handle variances in weather conditions. The everyday puffy coat may be your go-to, but then there’s the dressy wool coat and the windbreaker and the heavy knee-length coat reserved only for the worst snowstorms.

If you try to fit every family member’s various coats in the hall closet, you’ll run out of room fast. Have everyone choose one or two coats they wear most often and store these in the hall closet. Put the rest somewhere else, such as in each person’s bedroom closet.

Organize small items in the proper storage containers.

When choosing which baskets or bins to put in your closet, consider their appearance and size. White or neutral-colored storage containers minimize visible clutter, which you might prefer.

Measure your hall closet and consider the items you want to hold when purchasing organizational products. For instance, you’ll want a tall-sided basket for bulky winter accessories and a long, narrow bin for holding umbrellas.

Invest in a functional and simple shoe storage system.

The average hall closet has a pile of shoes at the bottom. To keep the lower portion of your closet organized like never before, use a shoe rack. Then, you must be vigilant to prevent overflow. You may need to restrict each family member to one or two pairs of shoes in the hall closet at a time. Everyone can then use their discretion to switch out shoes as the seasons change, ensuring flip-flops aren’t wasting valuable space in the middle of December.

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