How to Clean a Flokati Rug

Woman cleaning white flokati rug with small brush.

Flokati rugs add a stylish, luxurious look to any home, but after assessing the cozy strands of wool, you may feel mystified as to how to clean them. Here, we detail everything you need to know to clean your rug at home.

Daily Rug Cleaning Tips

Flokati rugs are very durable and naturally stain-resistant thanks to the natural oils found in wool fibers. Still, proper care is needed to keep your rug looking beautiful. Here are some day-to-day rug cleaning tips you may find helpful.

  • Did you accidentally dump cracker crumbs on your flokati rug? No sweat—simply spot-clean the area with the upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum.
  • Did a bit of your drink splash onto the rug? Spot clean the spill as soon as possible with a clean, white cloth dampened with cold water. Blot from the edges and move toward the center. Avoid rubbing or pushing the stain further into the fibers. For a little extra cleaning power, use mild detergent, dishwashing liquid, or foam rug cleaner.
  • Since heat shrinks and damages wool, avoid cleaning flokati rugs with hot water. Also, always let your rug air dry rather than drying it with heat.

How to Deep-Clean Flokati Rugs

It’s not uncommon to own the same flokati rug for 10 years or more. To help your rug last this long, be sure to deep-clean it. Here’s how:

  • Start by taking the rug outside and shaking it vigorously at least once a month. Lay it out flat in the shade for a few hours to air out. This should be enough to remove household and pet odors.
  • Lightly brush your rug on occasion with a stiff-bristled brush to fluff the pile, untangle the fibers, and remove embedded dirt and dust. For large area rugs, use a wooden garden rake. For small rugs, a metal dog brush works well. Don’t worry if some fibers come out when brushing—it’s normal for flokati rugs to shed a little.
  • Small rugs can be laundered in the washing machine (unless the tag says otherwise). Use cold water on a gentle cycle and mild detergent labeled for use with wool. Let the rug air dry or tumble in the dryer on the air-fluff setting (no heat). Once the rug is dry, brush it with a metal dog brush.
  • Bring large rugs outside and hang on a washing line or lay flat on the grass. Spray lightly with water using a plant mister. Then, dip a wooden garden rake in a solution of cold water and mild detergent and gently brush the rug. Let it dry in the shade. Brush the wool strands one more time once it’s dry. After brushing, shake the rug by each corner to restore the surface and fluff up the fibers.
  • When you bring your rug back inside, lay it down in the opposite direction to help encourage even wear.

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Flokati rug cleaning is just one item on your weekly to-do list. Clean better and faster by using the resources listed on our cleaning tips page. Then, if you realize you don’t have the time, physical capability, or willpower to do it all alone, turn to Molly Maid for house cleaning services. We go above and beyond to make sure your home is clean and tidy.

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