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Getting Mayonnaise Stains Out of Fabric

Mayonnaise is a condiment people either love or hate on their burgers and sandwiches. But we can all agree that none of us like it on our clothing or any other fabric.

Does Mayonnaise Stain Clothes? 

Oil is the main ingredient in mayonnaise, meaning when a drip of this creamy condiment falls on your clothes the result is an oil-based stain.

Fear not, though, because with the right stain removal skills you won’t have to worry! Read the following tips from Molly Maid on getting mayonnaise stains out of fabric.

Mayonnaise Stains on Machine Washable Clothes

If a blob of mayonnaise lands on your shirt or pants, use a dull knife, spoon or even the edge of a credit card if you’re out and about, to lift the mayonnaise off the surface of the fabric. Be careful not to rub the mayonnaise into the fabric; it could push the stain deeper into the fibers making it even more difficult to remove.

Using Stain Remover

Because a mayonnaise stain is an oil-based stain, it should be pretreated using a solvent-based stain removal product. If you don't have a solvent-based pretreatment handy, apply a bit of heavy-duty liquid detergent to the stain and work it in by gently rubbing with your fingers or a soft-bristled brush.

Let the fabric sit for at least fifteen minutes to allow the stain remover to do it’s job. Then machine wash according to the directions on the piece of clothing, on the highest temperature allowed. After washing, check the stained area before tossing it into the dryer. Repeat the pre-treatment and machine wash, if necessary. High heat from the dryer can make any oily stain that remains very difficult to remove. This is especially true if the garment is made from a synthetic fabric like polyester.

What to Do if You Don’t Have Stain Remover 

Don’t have a stain remover on hand? No problem. You can also use products you already have in the home to remove mayonnaise stains from your clothes.

After you’ve carefully removed any excess mayonnaise, you can sprinkle the stain with cornstarch. This will draw the oil out of the fabric. Using a dish-soap cleaning solution (in a bottle mix 1 tablespoon of dish soap with 10 ounces of water), blot the stain with a clean rag to clean the area.

After washing, check the stained area before tossing it into the dryer. As with the previously mentioned stain remover pretreatment method, avoid drying the garment until the mayonnaise stain is totally removed, as drying will cause it to set. Repeat the cornstarch-and-dish-soap pretreatment and re-wash if necessary.

Mayonnaise and Dry Clean Only Clothes

For fancy clothes that require dry cleaning, use a dull knife or another utensil to lift any mayonnaise from the surface of the fabric. Again, don’t rub the stain into the fabric! Once you’ve removed any solids, blot the area with a clean dry white paper towel to absorb as much oil as possible. You can even use a slice of white bread if you’re in a pinch! Bring the garment to the dry cleaner as soon as possible. Make sure to point out and identify the stain as from mayonnaise so they are able to use the best treatment.

Need a Little Help Around the House?

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