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How to Clean a Smelly Washer

Does your washing machine stink? Unfortunately, this problem is more common than you might think. Dirt, mildew, detergent residue and minerals build up in your washer over time, causing that funky smell.

A smelly washer leads to smelly laundry, and nobody wants that. Luckily, we know some quick and easy ways to get rid of your stinky situation and keep it away for good …

Smelly Front Load Washer

You might be surprised to know that a short walk to your pantry is all that stands between you and eliminating that horrible washer smell.

Simply follow these instructions to get your washer smelling good as new:

  1. Gather Materials. All you need is some good ol’ baking soda and vinegar.
  2. Bring on the Baking Soda. Mix ¼ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of water. Pour the solution into your washer’s detergent dispenser.
  3. Toss-in Some Vinegar. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the washer where you load the clothes.
  4. Run a Cycle. Run the washer on a high-heat cycle without clothes.
  5. Scrub. When the cycle has finished, scrub away any remaining grime with a water and vinegar mix.

How to Clean a Smelly Front Load Washer

Now that you have the smell under control, you can take further steps to prevent a return of the stink. A regular cleaning routine will keep your washer and clothes smelling fresh and clean!

Here are some washer cleaning tips that should do the trick:

  • Wipe down the inside of your washer after every load and remove any mold- and mildew-causing moisture from the nooks, crannies and hard-to-reach places, especially the rubber seal around the door.
  • Leave the door open whenever the washer is not in use to let the inside of the washer air-dry.
  • Regularly remove the detergent dispenser and wash out lingering detergent residue with soap and water.
  • Prevent dust and dirt from getting inside your washer by occasionally wiping down the outside with a rag and some multi-purpose cleaner.

Don’t Stop There!

For tips on keeping your entire laundry room smelling fresh and sparkling clean, check out our Laundry Room Cleaning page.

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