Bathroom Organization Ideas

Door opening into bathroom with pale blue walls and mirror in gold frame hanging over sink cabinet.
Ever rushed around in the morning unable to find something that has been lost among your bathroom clutter? Luckily, no matter how large or small your bathrooms are, organizing them is a great way to make your morning routine simple and keep the bathroom looking tidy.

Here are some ideas for decluttering your bathroom:

  • Hang a Shower Caddy: Ever had a shampoo bottle fall from its shower perch onto your toes? One simple solution is to neatly store your shampoo, conditioner, body wash and other shower-time essentials in a caddy hung from the showerhead.
  • Purchase a Shower Dispenser: An alternative toe-protecting solution is to do away with the bottles altogether and purchase a shower dispenser to hang on the wall. Then, simply pump your shampoo, conditioner and body wash from the dispenser as needed.
  • Hang Shower Products From a Curtain Rod: One final solution for your product problem is to install a curtain rod inside the shower and hang your various products from the rod using shower curtain clips.
  • Install Shelves or a Cabinet Over the Toilet: Need more storage space in the bathroom? Mount stylish floating shelves on the wall or install an over-the-toilet cabinet to make the best use of a small space.
  • Hang Baskets: Alternatively, give yourself some extra floor space by hanging baskets on the wall as a creative substitute for shelves or cabinets.
  • Roll up Towels on a Rack: Finding room to store clean towels can be a pain. A wine rack is the perfect way to store your clean bathroom towels. Just substitute rolled-up towels for wine bottles. It’s a simple, stylish and creative storage solution.

Bathroom Counter Organization Ideas

Counter organization is key to reducing clutter in the bathroom. Use some of these counter organization ideas to maximize your bathroom counter space:

  • Hair Station: With the multitude of hair styling tools and products it can be hard to keep everything in one place. Purchasing an organizer with compartments to individually store each hair care item provides you with easy access to everything you need to achieve a perfect hair day.
  • Drawer Dividers: Want to free up your counter space from unsightly toiletries but don’t want to shove everything into a drawer where you will never be able to find it again? Use drawer dividers to keep everything organized!
  • Mason Jars: Keep your everyday essentials at the ready in tasteful and trendy mason jars!
  • Multi-Level Stands: Another great space-saver is utilizing a stand with multiple levels. This way you can store more and take up less counter space.

Bathroom Cabinet Organization Ideas

The inside of a bathroom cabinet can look like a pharmacy exploded! Keep your bathroom cabinets organized with these helpful tips and tricks:

  • Labels: Place your toiletries into a container of choice and add a label to eliminate that “which-container-did-I-put-the-cotton-balls-in” guessing game.
  • Lazy Susan: A cabinet-sized lazy Susan gives you easy access to all of your bathroom products. Find exactly what you’re looking for with a simple spin!
  • Hang Containers on Cabinet Doors: Running out of room in your cabinet? Take advantage of the unused space on the inside of your cabinet door and hang small containers for some extra storage.

Organization Is Only the First Step!

Using these organization tips will help you keep everything in its place and make it easier to tidy your bathroom surfaces. For tips on keeping your bathroom sparkling clean after you have it organized, check out our Bathroom Cleaning page. If you don’t have the time for both organization and cleaning, let us do the cleaning for you!

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