How to Wrap Presents Like a Pro

Happy young woman wrapping holiday gifts with Christmas tree in background.

We want to give the perfect gift, but for many, wrapping a present for your six-year-old ends up looking like the work of, well, a six-year-old. The key to wrapping a present perfectly each time comes down to practice. The key to practice? Time.

That’s why the first step to improving your gift-wrapping skills is to find smart ways to organize wrapping paper, tape, scissors, and everything else you’ll need to pull off the perfectly wrapped present.

How to Organize Wrapping Paper

When it comes to finding ways to organize your wrapping paper and supplies, there are two routes to choose from. First, there are plenty of wrapping paper organizer options on the market to safely store your wrapping paper.

But why not make a wrapping paper container yourself? It’s easy to use items from around the house to store your wrapping supplies effectively and safely between birthdays and holidays.

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Make Your Own Wrapping Paper Organizer

We’ve put together a neat list of ways to keep your gift-giving supplies ready to go in a flash!

  • Over-the-Door Organizer — If you have an over-the-door shoe organizer, great news: you’ve got a wrapping paper organizer as well. Most shoe organizers have holes that allow for one or two rolls to slide vertically down through the loops. Simply close off the bottom one with a safety pin to make sure the rolls don’t slide all the way to the floor. Choose another slot to save your tape and scissors, then pick out another slot to store any ribbons and bows you have handy.
  • Umbrella Stand — If you don’t use an umbrella often or if you’ve adopted a smaller, more travel-friendly model, use that old umbrella stand to neatly store your wrapping paper in one spot! The tall stand is the perfect height and can easily be pushed into a corner and kept out of the way.
  • Use a Stool — Use a metal or wooden stool to turn your messy wrapping paper pile into a neat organizer just by turning the stool upside down! Either repurpose an old stool you have at home or keep an eye peeled for online bargain stools to organize your wrapping paper and make it easy to move from room to room.
  • Use a Garment Bag — This is an easy one! Simply slip your rolls of wrapping paper into a garment bag and hang it up in the closet. When it’s time to get wrapping, bring it to your workspace and hang it in a convenient spot.

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How to Wrap a Present Perfectly

With all your supplies organized, you’re ready to wrap!

  • To box or not? Wrapping odd-sized, fragile, or soft items in paper is very challenging. Using a thin cardboard box for these kinds of items makes it easier to wrap, easier to transport, and also can keep the recipient guessing!
  • Go long. Place the gift on the unrolled paper and bring the loose end all the way over the top of the gift and down to the wrapping paper. Now, give yourself an additional ¼ to ½ inch of paper. This gives you a little room for error and can help keep edges smooth.
  • Cut slow. Aim for long cuts. Short, quick cutting often results in a jagged-looking edge that may even curl slightly. If your edge does look uneven, fold it back before you continue wrapping to avoid wasting paper and having to trim it.
  • Tape early and often. As you start wrapping the present, use tape to hold your spot. This gives you both hands for holding, taping, and folding. Once one side of the paper is taped to the box, bring up the other end and tape it down. You might consider staggering your first and second pieces of tape to reduce the risk of the paper shifting.
  • Side to side. Folding the sides is also where the wheels come off for most gift-givers. The key is to fold first; on each side, fold the center of the flap to the box, then fold each side of that fold to create what looks like two wings. Tape that remaining triangle to the box. It’s okay to use two pieces of tape on these folds if it helps keep them in place.
  • Add a flourish. Use ribbons, bows, or gift tags to put your own touch on the gift and really make it feel personal!

More Time with Family, Less Time Cleaning Up

Watching the joy, excitement and expression on a person’s face when they unwrap a present from you is priceless, as is the time you spend this season with family and friends. So don’t rush the gift-wrapping process. Slow down and enjoy every minute of the holidays with those you care about most. To give yourself a little more time, let the professionals at Molly Maid handle all the cleaning and the clean-up this year.

Our professionally trained cleaning teams can help keep your home clean and welcoming for guests during the holidays and for your family year-round with recurring cleaning services to make more time for the things you love. Call us or request a custom estimate today!