Caring for Aging Parents by Keeping the House Clean

Man vacuuming living room for his elderly mother

As our parents age, more and more of them want to stay at home rather than move to an assisted living community where someone can easily keep a watchful eye on them. While the comfort of staying in their home is understandable, the desire to age in place has the children of aging parents worried about their safety.

Here’s are some important ways a maid service like Molly Maid can make a big difference:

Benefits of a Clean Home for the Elderly

There are many home modifications for aging parents that can be made to ensure a safer home, but simply keeping the space clean can make a significant difference in your parents’ health and safety.

From keeping bacteria out of the home to improving air quality, a clean home really is a healthier home for seniors who want to age in place.

Decreased Risk of Emergency Room Visits

With aging comes an increased risk of needing to visit the emergency room – from it being easier (and more dangerous) to slip and fall, to the higher likelihood of general health issues.

Maintaining a clean home can ease the risk of scary and costly visits to the ER. Clean floors and a tidy home make the home a less likely scene of an accidental fall.

Additionally, hiring a house cleaning service for your elderly parents can reduce or remove the need for your parents to take on tasks that challenge their abilities.

Improved Air Quality

Maintaining a clean home also positively impacts indoor air quality, which decreases the amount of dust and other particulates circulating in the air. Aging lungs become weaker and are more susceptible to respiratory diseases, meaning maintaining healthy indoor air quality can be an important measure in keeping aging parents healthy.

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Decreased Risk of Bacterial and Viral Infections

Maintaining a clean home is an important step in reducing sicknesses caused by bacteria and viruses. Seniors, whose immune systems are not as strong, are exposed to fewer bacteria and viruses when the home’s surfaces are cleaned more frequently, decreasing the risk of elderly homeowners becoming sick.

House Cleaning Tips for Seniors

The difficulty of maintaining a clean home while aging in place is that some cleaning tasks are more difficult for seniors, many of whom have decreased mobility and range of motion. Common cleaning chores that may have been simple a few years ago become tasks that are much more difficult as our parents age, and can even be dangerous, like when using step ladders or stepping stools to reach and clean certain areas.

These house cleaning tips for seniors will help your parents maintain some independence while sticking to safe cleaning methods.

Cleaning Services for Senior Citizens

One of the best things you can do for a parent wanting to age in place is to hire a caring professional to help with everyday tasks like cleaning their home.

The cleaning experts at Molly Maid are available to create a cleaning schedule that makes sense for your parents’ home, allowing them to take on tasks they’re able to, and making sure the home stays safe and healthy.

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