How to Organize Your Bathroom Stuff (And Keep It Tidy)

Top view of woman hands neatly organizing bathroom amenities and toiletries in bathroom drawer.

Nothing gets as cluttered as a bathroom countertop. The morning rush wreaks havoc on the best of us, leaving a daily layer of debris piling up: toothbrushes, makeup, shaving cream, hair ties, countless lotions, soaps, balms, and hair dryers.

Get your bathroom organized to prevent clutter and make your morning routine less stressful.

Bathroom Organization Ideas

The key to organizing your bathroom is to create a place to keep your most-used items. This will usually require getting things off your bathroom countertop since there’s only so much room on the periphery of your bathroom sink.

That means you’ll have to get creative when it comes to organizing bathroom storage locations like:

  • Bathroom cabinets under the sink
  • Bathroom shelving
  • Bathroom drawers

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Overhead view of woman placing neatly organized bathroom item into a storage drawer.

Bathroom Cabinet Organization Ideas

Whether you have a spacious cabinet beneath your bathroom sink or a standalone sink, utilizing this space helps you make the most of the sink’s footprint. The key to knowing how to organize under your bathroom sink is to assign space to the essentials and find a new home for other items:

  • Store cleaning supplies somewhere else if space is limited. If your bathroom cabinets are filled beyond capacity, move your cleaning supply caddy to a high shelf in a nearby closet. Not only will this create more room, but it will also put those cleaning chemicals further out of reach for young family members.
  • Use clear bins. Place clear acrylic storage bins below the cabinet and label them based on what goes in each bin or drawer. You might even assign a drawer to a specific family member. If their drawer is overfilled, they need to pare down their bathroom stuff!
  • Use the backs of cabinet doors. Just like hanging your towels on the back of the bathroom door, use small organization hooks and bins to store small items like toothpaste, contact cleaning solution, or deodorant where it’s easily accessible yet still out of the way and out of sight.
  • Use drawer dividers. Create a space for all of your everyday items with drawer dividers. You can find drawer dividers online, at a local hardware store, or you could make your own!

Install Over-the-Toilet Bathroom Shelves

Not enough storage under your sink? Add storage over your throne! Installing additional bathroom storage with weight-bearing shelves over your toilet or anywhere else you have room is a smart way to get organized:

  1. You can greatly increase your bathroom’s storage with additional shelving. This is a great way to keep items within reach but away from countertops. Like your cabinet drawers, you can further organize this area by using clear bins that allow users to see exactly what’s inside. Match your bathroom décor with wicker baskets or small porcelain bowls but find a balance between form and function.
  2. Keep hand towels handy. Roll up hand towels and washcloths and store them on dedicated bathroom shelving. This is a handy way to keep tabs on when you need to do laundry next by giving you an easy look at how many are clean. It also prevents the problem of forgetting your towel!

How to Organize Your Makeup in the Bathroom

Depending on your morning routine, you might use a half-dozen different forms of makeup before you even brush your teeth! The best way to organize your makeup is to dedicate a bag to the purpose. Make a point of restricting your makeup supplies to what fits in the bag.

Here’s the only tip you need: put your makeup back in your bag when you’re done with it— every time.

The Ultimate Tip to Declutter the Bathroom Is ...

Using the bathroom organization tips above will help, but there’s one tip that will always help your family stick to your bathroom tidiness goals: create and enforce a “clear countertop” rule. With this rule, nothing stays on the countertop except hand soap. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, glasses, and everything else has a place in a drawer, under the bathroom sink, or on a nearby shelf.

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