Ms Molly Foundation for Domestic Violence Awareness

Who we are:

In 1996, the Founders of Molly Maid established the Ms. Molly Foundation to support victims of domestic violence in our communities. The Ms. Molly Foundation is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to increase public awareness of domestic violence and to provide assistance to local shelters and agencies that support victims in the communities we serve.  

What we do:

What Molly Maid chartered in 1996 has since grown to distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars in monies and personal care products to safe houses and domestic violence agencies across America each year. Molly Maid, along with our customers and supporters are making a difference in the lives of those in our communities who are affected by domestic violence.  Since our inception we’ve raised over $2 million for local domestic violence shelters and agencies throughout the United States.  The Ms. Molly Foundation continually instills hope in communities by supporting domestic violence prevention programs and fundraising events for hundreds of local safe houses and shelters.

Donate Now

We realize that many agencies have had their funding cut and rely more and more on volunteers and donations from their local communities.  That is why many Molly Maid businesses also offer our professional cleaning services to their local shelter.

Why we do it:

The Ms. Molly Foundation believes all people deserve to feel safe in their own homes. The tragedy of domestic violence in our country continues to grow. Each year millions of cases are reported. These numbers are staggering, yet it is the most under reported crime in our country. The Ms. Molly Foundation empowers communities to stop the cycle of violence in the home and gives victims of domestic violence a second chance at happiness.

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