Fall Cleaning

Whether you’re cleaning up from a busy summer of bringing sand home from the beach, getting ready for a season of spending more time indoors, preparing your home for the holidays or trying to tackle everything in one fell swoop, fall cleaning is a valuable annual tradition.

Move over spring-cleaning, you’re not the only seasonal cleaning around!

Whether you’re new to fall cleaning or trying to streamline your process, we’ve gathered everything you need to know.

Start by Decluttering

Cleaning a tidy home is always easier than cleaning a messy one. Before you get started with the deep fall cleaning tasks listed below, take some time to remove clutter from your home. Consult our decluttering checklist for tips on how to tackle this first step.

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Not sure where to start with your fall cleaning to-do list? We’ve done the hard part of putting together a complete list of everything you should tackle this season. It’s broken down room by room so you can focus on one area at a time.


Living Areas

  • Thoroughly vacuum upholstered furniture, including underneath and behind!
  • Clean electronics, including the TV, remotes, stereo, etc.
  • Clean baseboards, doorframes and windowsills.


  • Wash your winter bedding after it’s been in storage for the summer. While you’re at it, turn and vacuum the mattresses.
  • Swap out items in your closet to focus on the current season.
  • Clean baseboards, doorframes and windowsills.
  • Vacuum under and behind the bed, dressers and any other furniture in the room.


Outdoor Living Spaces

Let Molly Maid Lend a Hand

Overwhelmed by the thought of deep cleaning your home? Molly Maid offers an occasional cleaning service that is perfect for bringing your home back to its sparkling-clean state. If kicking cleaning from your list altogether is more your style, we also offer regular cleaning services that fit your schedule and budget.

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