Time-Saving Cleaning Tips

Small clockUnless you love cleaning as much as we do, we bet you're open to learning some tips and tricks that will save you time and work. Our cleaning experts know a thing or two about how to save time cleaning—and we're willing to share some time-saving cleaning tips to make your housekeeping more manageable.

One way to enjoy a clean home day after day is to invest in recurring cleaning services from the local pros at Molly Maid. Another option is to learn how to clean like the pros.

If you ever wondered how the professionals clean homes so efficiently, the secret is in their system. They follow a proven routine, are always prepared, and take care of their tools of the trade. Want to learn how to save time cleaning, enjoy more free time, and a sparkling clean home more often? Read on.

Map Out a Cleaning Schedule

Making a cleaning schedule that fits your lifestyle and cleaning needs will make housekeeping less stressful and your cleaning process more effective. Typical house cleaning schedules break down chores daily, weekly, monthly, and sometimes quarterly. Chores like dusting will be a daily task, while carpet cleaning can be a quarterly task, for example. Of course, this will depend on your cleaning preference and lifestyle. If you have children and/or pets, carpet or tile cleaning may be a weekly task.

To create the optimal cleaning schedule, create a master list of what needs cleaning and how often. Once you build your master list, consider your family and work situation. Can you dust and mop daily, or do family responsibilities keep you running on certain days? Are there some days you work longer than others? Developing a realistic cleaning schedule that factors in your other commitments will keep you on track and reduce frustration.

Now that you have your master cleaning list and an idea of how much time you can or will commit, it's time to evaluate your cleaning style. Do you love checking off a couple of small tasks each day? Or do you relish the challenge of a cleaning marathon on the weekends? You may be a little of both, so be objective and leave a little room in your schedule for flexibility if and when conflicts arise.

Put it all together on your cleaning schedule and test things out. After a few weeks, you'll know if the plan works for you. If it doesn't, mix and match cleaning tasks, move them around, or even change the frequency until it feels right and meets your needs.

Create a Cleaning System

Once you've fine-tuned your cleaning schedule, it's time to put one of the most efficient house cleaning tips to work: follow a routine every time. You likely know about cleaning hacks to save time, like cleaning from the top down, vacuuming in rows, and using a multi-purpose cleaner whenever possible. Those are all good tips you can incorporate with your favorites into a comprehensive and time-saving process.

Your home has unique cleaning needs and challenges, so your cleaning system has to be unique too. For example, transporting your cleaning supplies and tools up and down stairs can be tricky. Experiment with vacuuming and carpet cleaning on one level before moving to another and see how that works.

Following a well-planned cleaning routine is one of the most impactful time-saving cleaning tips for novice cleaners. Put some thought into your cleaning system, try it out, and adjust as needed. Before you know it, you'll come up with unique, time-saving cleaning hacks of your own and start giving your own cleaning advice.

Keep Your Cleaning Tools Handy and Healthy

Part of your cleaning system should include transporting and storing cleaning supplies and tools. A cleaning tote, bucket, or tool belt could be the ideal way to save steps and time, so invest accordingly. Organizing your cleaning supplies makes it easy to tackle cleaning jobs with minimal effort and time. But if you want to take your housekeeping routine to the next level, keep your cleaning tools in peak condition. Here are some tips to follow:

Spray Bottles

Wipe bottles after each use.
Remove the trigger and straw and run them under hot water monthly.

Dust Pans

Dump your dustpan after each use.
Rinse the dustpan with hot water weekly and let it dry before using.

Scrub Brushes

Rinse cleaning brushes in hot water after each use and let them air dry.
Hand wash brushes when they become too dirty and disinfect them.


Shake dirt and debris from your broom outdoors after each use.
Spray your broom with hot water monthly and let it air dry.

Dust Mops and Dusters

Shake the dust from your dust mop outdoors after each use.
Vacuum the dust mop monthly to prevent buildup.

Wet Mops

Rinse your mop out after each use.
Wash the mop head monthly in hot water and let it air dry.

Vacuum Cleaner

Empty the bag or canister when it's ¾ full.
Wipe down your vacuum when you change the bag or empty the canister.
Examine the beater bar each week for wrapped-up strings and carpet fibers.
Check the belts monthly.

Carpet Cleaning Machine

Rinse the tank, hoses, attachments, and filters after each use.
Let the pieces dry before reassembling the carpet cleaner.
Wipe down the exterior after reassembling the machine.

Microfiber Cloths and Mops

Rinse microfiber cloths and other microfiber tools after each use.
Machine wash microfiber cleaning tools weekly to minimize buildup and germs.

Use Microfiber Cloths

If you thought microfiber cloths, dusters, and mops were only cleaning fads, we've got news—microfiber technology is for real, and it’s one of the best time-saving cleaning tips around. If you invest in quality microfiber, you'll wonder how you got along without it.

Here's why:

  • Microfiber cloths and mops last longer than their cotton and synthetic counterparts.
  • The technology is more eco-friendly because it cleans with only water.
  • Quality microfiber cloths remove 99 percent of bacteria.

And they're simple and easy to use. When you fold your microfiber cloth twice, you get eight cleaning sections. Use an area at a time and switch to the next when the first section gets dirty. For general cleaning, use a damp microfiber cloth. For dusting, use a dry microfiber cloth.

Want to Save More Time Cleaning?

Even the best cleaning routines can get derailed by a busy lifestyle. If you’re struggling to find the right balance between your cleaning, family responsibilities, and work schedules, we can tackle some of the dirty work for you. A call to your local Molly Maid can help you get back on track.

Whether we clean each week or once-in-awhile, we back every service with the Neighborly Done Right Promise™. Call or request a quote today to make Molly Maid a part of your ultimate cleaning plan.

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