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Green Cleaning Services

Eco-friendly solutions that accommodate your needs

When it comes to keeping families safe and protected from both germs and harsh chemicals, green cleaning just makes sense. Many professional cleaning companies claim to provide green home cleaning products and services, but do they ever inform you of what green cleaning products they’re actually using? At Molly Maid, we won’t label toxic cleaner “green” simply because it’s in a recycled container. We strive to be as transparent as possible and offer cleaning solutions that best fit the needs of our customers. Our professional house cleaners are happy to inform you about our products and practices.

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Molly Maid’s commitment to clean

We’re dedicated to helping you find the right balance between protecting the environment and maintaining a clean, healthy home. By teaching you about cleaning products and industry standards, we can help you decide on the best cleaning solutions for your home.

In order to help you maintain a healthy indoor environment, many of our cleaning products are free of toxins, petroleum, ammonia, and alcohol.

We also carry out a variety of environmentally friendly practices, some of which include:

  • Optimizing travel routes to maximize efficiency
  • Reducing product waste
  • Reusing bottles

Molly Maid also supports established businesses that promote green cleaning. We recognize that small steps like these can make a big difference collectively. We strive to create flexible and customized green housecleaning plans that offer an honest approach to professional cleaning services.

Customized green cleaning services

While some of the disinfectants we use are the best way to keep germs and other bacteria at bay, we’re happy to use eco-friendly products upon request. Whether that means only using disinfectants in one room and natural products in others or rotating the use of our products from room to room, our professional house cleaners can work with you and update your customized cleaning plan as needed.

Green cleaning tips

Our eco-friendly products and practices protect our planet, our residential housekeepers, and our valued customers. We’re eager to share some green housecleaning tips with you.

While the idea of using green cleaning products sounds simple, it’s actually difficult to obtain products that are as effective as their chemical counterparts. Therefore, our solutions utilize disinfectants in an environmentally friendly way. For example, if bleach is required during one of our services, we’ll balance it with products that don’t contain toxic chemicals. This is the Molly Maid green cleaning philosophy.

We recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy, happy home. That’s why we recommend the use of some disinfectant cleaners on a regular schedule. Our professional house cleaners can work with you to develop a process that benefits both the environment and your home.

Contact us at (800) 654-9647 for more information about our green cleaning practices!

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