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Bloomington Molly Maid Purchases Competitor

Franchise Owner Tim Rixtine saw an opportunity to reach more Bloomington residents with Molly Maid cleaning service when a long-time competitor closed their doors. The Bloomington Pentagraph Link opens in a new tab recently featured a story on the business expansion noting the deal also saved a few local jobs, and brought several others to the area.

In our 25 years, we’ve watched our market grow. The dual-income family needs us more than ever. Professional singles and seniors too. Our service is in high-demand and we customize what we provide to meet the needs of each customer. When you’re focus is helping people, every person becomes a potential customer.

Look around. Americans are frantically busy and overworked. Downtime is at a premium and we crave more manageable lives. The fastest growing segments of our population – two-income families and retired couples – are precisely those without the time or energy to clean. We give busy people just like you more time with families, friends and their favorite activities. It’s no surprise that home cleaning franchises are booming businesses.

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