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Giving Victims of Domestic Violence a Second Chance

Molly Maid believes every woman and child deserves to feel safe in their own home. Giving victims of domestic violence a second chance creates strong families—the back bone of every community. Creating the Ms. Molly Foundation has empowered our communities to stop the cycle of violence. Our family—customers, cleaning franchise owners and housekeeping personnel—has banded together to provide greater awareness and support to these abused women and children.

 Domestic violence is a growing nationwide problem. While millions of women report this crime, there are many others who are just too afraid their situation is beyond anyone’s help. Since 1996, The Ms. Molly Maid foundation has continually instilled hope in our communities by supporting education and fundraising events for hundreds of local safe houses and shelters. Perhaps our biggest event happens during National Domestic Violence Month.

 Every October Molly Maid rallies its family in a unified effort against this intolerable crime. Revenue from a portion of each residential home cleaning is donated to local safe houses and shelters. These donations from cleaning franchise owners combine with additional customer gifts to provide personal care items, and more importantly, refuge for domestic violence victims. While this month is important, we can’t emphasize enough that creating safe, healthy family environments is a year-round community responsibility.

With donations and volunteer efforts from people just like you, the Ms. Molly Foundation has the power to help millions of women take back control of their lives and their families well being. One donation can do many things. Empower abused women who’ve lost hope. Help children understand the definition of a healthy family. Stop the cycle of violence. Make a tax-deductible donation today, or volunteer your time.