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Practical Home Cleaning Tips for Spring-Cleaning

Maid Cleaning Living RoomWith the help of Molly Maid, a home that was closed up all winter can be spruced up in no time, while having some fun along the way. Organizing the task of cleaning, both practically and psychologically, can reduce the stress and frustration that is often associated with spring-cleaning.

Strategically breaking down the huge chore of cleaning the entire house into realistic tasks and goals will make spring-cleaning a lot more manageable. Below are just some of the cleaning tips that Molly Maid offers to homeowners:

  • Create a flexible, comprehensive plan and put it on paper. Following a plan that is in writing is easier to do than following a plan from memory. Decide when to clean, stick to it and build that time into a schedule.
  • Don’t try to tackle the whole house at once, otherwise you’ll get frustrated and procrastinate. Instead, set a goal to thoroughly clean one or two rooms every couple of days.
  • After you put things where they belong, you can begin cleaning. You will waste time and become discouraged if you have to stop in the middle of what you’re doing just to put something away in another room. Clear that clutter!
  • Gather all chemicals needed before you begin cleaning and carry them from room to room as you go. This prevents unnecessary trips back and forth to your supply cabinet.
  • Clean the room from top to bottom, moving left to right to ensure you don’t overlook door frames, door panels and windowsills. Don’t forget the center of the room!
  • Spring is a great time to inspect and clean window treatments. Whether you need to wash blinds, send drapes and sheers to the dry cleaners, or throw washable curtains into the washing machine, getting your window treatments clean after a long, dark winter can brighten an entire room.
  • Dust first — then vacuum! Crumbs, pet hair, etc., will fall to the floor as you’re cleaning. Instead of dusting and vacuuming bedrooms one at a time, first dust and then vacuum all the bedrooms on each level. It saves time.
  • Get your children involved — little children love to sweep the floor and help put laundry away.

Molly Maid LogoIn this day and age, having a clean home is not always a top priority. With these tips and tricks from Molly Maid professionals, taking on the spring-cleaning mission will be easier than ever, and residents can once again take pride in their fresh, clean homes.

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