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Molly Maid Microfiber towel

What is Microfiber?

Microfiber rags are mostly made of synthetic polyester, and, unlike cotton rags or paper towels, they leave no lint behind. Have you every cleaned an area only to find lint or cotton fibers behind? This is why we love microfiber. They are usually knitted and very soft. This makes them generally safe for use even on painted surfaces.

Best Uses for Microfiber

Microfiber has many uses. Thanks to its versatility, we always have a few on hand. You can replace a microfiber rag anywhere you’d use paper towels or a cotton rag. It’s important to separate your microfiber rags to avoid cross contamination. Try and purchase a package of rags with multiple colors. Don’t use the same rag to clean windows as you do the floors or window tracks.

Cleaning Spills

Microfiber rags have a superb ability to absorb oil and grease. Keep a cloth handy in your kitchen and see how well it cleans up the grease around your stovetop – even without a cleanser.

Wiping Floors

Microfiber cloths or mop heads do a great job on hardwood or vinyl floors. The secret is not getting the cloth or mop head too wet. After vacuuming, use a spray bottle filled with a floor cleaner (or even plain water) and buff the dirty area.

Cleaning Windows

Microfiber rags are great for cleaning windows since they can wipe away finger prints and grime with ease. Always make sure to use a fresh rag if the windows are very dirty, this way you don’t scratch the window with debris.

Eliminate Bacteria

Using microfiber rags eliminates up to 99 percent of bacteria – about three times the effectiveness of traditional cleaning cloths. This is why many hospitals have converted to microfiber cloths, towels and mops. These microfiber cleaning products have dramatically reduced cross-contamination between hospital rooms.

Washing a Microfiber Cloth

You should always clean your microfiber rags in the washing machine every week or two. You can safely launder them in hot water, but use a cooler setting for the dryer. A hot dryer will ruin them. Don’t launder them with cotton or use fabric softener – both can reduce their effectiveness.

Where to Find Microfiber Rags

You can find microfiber cloths for sale in almost any cleaning aisle or hardware store. The smooth ones work better on glass (less likely to absorb grit that can scratch), while the cloths with a more textured surface are better at scrubbing.

Help When You Need It

A couple of minutes with a microfiber cloth will help keep the grease and dirt at bay between your Molly Maid visits. When it’s time for a full house cleaning, contact your local Molly Maid. Give us a call(800) 654-9647, or request an estimate online!