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Family Cleaning – Tactics to Stay on Top of Household Chores

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How to Sneak Cleaning Into Your Crazy, Busy Life

Summer parties, play dates, vacations and longer days leave families busier than ever and wondering when they will possibly have enough time to clean. It’s true: finding time to clean is really difficult and today, people are on the go and need help with their house cleaning. The residential cleaning industry represents a $3 to $4 billion industry which is growing at 6% to 7% annually.

Sometimes, it’s best to lower your expectations and use the time you do have for rooms that are most important to keep clean – the high traffic kitchen, bathroom and family room. You could also decide to focus on one room once a week. For example, on Tuesdays after dinner, spend a half hour cleaning the kitchen; on Thursdays before bed, spend a half hour cleaning the bathrooms; and on Saturdays before weekend outings and activities start, spend time cleaning the family room. Lighten the load by getting your kids involved with a chore chart. Here are a few more tricks.

person cleaning stove with rag Always keep your eyes open for what needs to be cleaned – and clean it when you can. This means you’ll be multi-tasking a lot – for example, tidying up the kitchen while you oversee the kids keeping up on summer reading at the table, putting things in their places as you walk downstairs to get breakfast, sweeping the floor while talking on the phone and wiping out the bathroom sink while you’re filling the bathtub for a much-deserved soak.

Do the small jobs that need to be done often rather than letting chores build up. That’s when you start to feel you’ll never get it all done! If you like to relax in front of the television, sneak in chores during commercial breaks. There are lots of two-minute tasks you can do: fold laundry, empty garbage cans or unload the dishwasher. Discover more helpful cleaning tips from Molly Maid.

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