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Getting Kids to Clean: 5 Easy Tips to Effectively Clean and Stay Organized

If you have given up on getting the children’s bedrooms clean, there is hope! Let’s include your children in this activity; after all, it is their room, right? Now that school is out for the summer, your children will have more time to learn how to effectively clean and maintain an organized bedroom. By following the basic routine of straightening, dusting, and vacuuming/mopping, accompanied by creativity and enthusiasm, the following steps and helpful hints will assist you in engaging your children in tidying up their rooms.

Cleaning the Bedroom in Five Easy Steps:

1. Gather all the unneeded toys, clothes, and clutter that are on the floor and in the way. Place everything on top of the bed to get them out of your way.

2. Using an extendible duster, go around the room dusting the walls for cobwebs. Be sure to check the corners of the ceilings.

3. The quickest way to dust is to start in one place, working around the room, breaking up each wall into sections. Do one section at a time; start at the top, move to the middle, and finish at the bottom.

4. After the dusting is complete, you are ready to start vacuuming. Use a hallway outlet, or one close to the door, to plug in the vacuum and then vacuum your way out of the room. The same procedure can be used for dust mopping.

5. Items placed on the bed need to be returned to where they belong. As you vacuum, replace each item where appropriate. Also a good time to get rid of items your children have outgrown!

For more ideas on making cleaning a family project, check out our guide oncleaning with kids.

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