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How to Make Cleaning More Fun for Kids

The key to getting your kids involved in the cleaning is to think about what motivates them. Kids love to play, so make the task entertaining while they make progress on clearing the clutter. Turning on music makes any task less of a bore and even cleaning can be fun when it’s time spent together.brush and dustpan

Ideas for motivating your kids to clean:

  • Use colored items that attract the children’s attention. Personalize and assemble a cleaning kit for each child with stickers, their name, etc. which includes the cleaning essentials that are safe and age appropriate.
  • Use your children’s ideas when decorating and arranging the furniture in their rooms. If a child favors the décor and is excited about the re-arrangement of the room, he or she will be more likely to keep it clean.toy chest with "jane" on the front
  • Create a special place to store their belongings. For example, a toy chest at the end of a child’s bed, or “cool” bins and baskets for your teenager.
  • Provide positive and uplifting feedback. Tell your children that they are doing a good job and should be proud of their contribution!