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Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Get the Job Done

Well, that layer of dust on your furniture can only mean one thing. It’s time for spring cleaning.

Lisa Johnson, from Molly Maidof Playa Vista, appeared on KCAL 9 news Link opens in a new tab in Los Angeles with some great tips on how to get the job done.

Maid Cleaning Living RoomCommentator: A lot of people put it off, but you say that it’s much easier if you start with a plan.

Lisa Johnson: Yes, it’s much easier if you start with a plan. Put the plan in writing. That will help you stick to it and help you determine if the plan is realistic or if you need to scale it down a bit.

Commentator: What do you write down?

Lisa Johnson: What your goal is. What do you want to have accomplished when you are finished. A common problem is making the problems too ambitious. You might be cleaning dust that has accumulated for a year or more and it may not be realistic to think that you can get rid all of it in one single day. Spring is a season, not a day. You really do have more time to finish projects than most people generally give themselves.

Commentator: You also recommend not to look at it as a huge project, but break it down and tackle it room by room.

Shower Door Cleaning with SpongeLisa Johnson: Yes, room by room, that’s what we advise. You want to give yourself a success. The smaller the project, the more likely it will be a success. So, it’s much better at the end of the day to have finished one room well, then to have started on too many projects that you didn’t finish and then at the end of the day, nothing’s done. Then it feels punishing.

Commentator: What kind of new products are out there, because it’s important to have the proper tools and the proper products.

Green Cleaning from Molly MaidLisa Johnson: We use a line of green cleaning products that are safe for all surface areas, very user friendly and won’t aggravate allergies. When you are about to start cleaning, you want to make sure that you have the products available. Nothing is worse than waking up, finally ready to start the project; you have your momentum going and then you don’t have the products. You have to go to the store, you’re completely derailed, and you don’t go back to doing what you wanted.

Commentator: Professional cleaning services usually have a bucket or a basket that they carry around with everything at their fingertips.

Lisa Johnson: It saves so much time to make sure you have everything you need before you get started. That also that goes for any help you might need. Spring cleaning involves cleaning underneath things and behind things and you may need assistance moving large items, so make sure you have any needed help committed to help in advance.

Commentator: One of the places where dust accumulates is on the curtains.

Lisa Johnson: Curtains may require a trip to the dry cleaners. Cleaning blinds and shutters; those are jobs in and of themselves.

Commentator: Make sure you do your dusting first.

Lisa Johnson: When you’re dusting, you’re picking up most of the dust, but some of it will be aerated and it’s going to settle back on the floor. If you vacuum first, and then dust, you’ll have to vacuum again, so always dust first, then vacuum. We always advise that you work from top to bottom and from left to right, so that you have a pattern and don’t miss anything.

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