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Molly Maid in the News – November 2011

Cleaning House for Holiday Guests

Leah Ingram, lifestyle expert at Life Goes Strongposted an online slideshow of Molly Maid’s 5-day house cleaning checklist to get your home ready for holiday house guests.

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Getting the House Cleaned and Organized for the Holidays

Tony KirbyTony Kirby, owner of Molly Maid of Midtown and Galleria appeared in an article for with these tips:

The real down-and-dirty work is best left until about five days before your event. Tony Kirby, a Molly Maid franchise owner, says you can get away with hitting only the areas where guests will congregate.

“Start in the areas that you don’t use as often, building up to the high-use areas,” Kirby says. “The day of the event, for example, you want to be doing the kitchen, since that’s where most people congregate.”

Kirby also advises working from the top down, so all the dirt ends up on the floor, then running the vacuum.

Know the Signs of Domestic Violence

Katie BurkeyKatie Burkey, owner of Molly Maid of Mahoning and Trumbull Counties, discussed the issue of domestic violence in a letter to the editor at Here are some excerpts from her letter:

Victims of domestic violence cross all economic, social and racial boundaries. Also, since we talk to people in their homes every day and our employees and customers can all relate to someone who has dealt with domestic violence, it’s a cause near and dear to our hearts. This compassion continues to grow.

If someone suspects someone he or she knows is being abused, consider asking yourself these questions, courtesy of Women against Domestic Violence:

Have you seen evidence of injuries?

Have you accepted explanations for her black eyes, bruises or broken bones?

Do they miss work frequently?

Does partner show an unusual amount of control over his or her life?

Have you noticed changes in his or her children’s behavior?

Does partner embarrass or ridicule him or her in public?

Does one partner blame the other for the way he or she acts or the things he or she says?

Awareness of this important issue is the key to helping with prevention. We are hopeful that through the education of people in Mahoning and Trumbull counties about this very serious issue, others will be inspired to help and give back as well. Click for more information on the Ms. Molly Foundation.

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